Discover Hanoi Old Quarter with Cyclo

Nga Do
Cyclo, one of the most typical vehicles in Hanoi, is a human-powered transport with a seat at the front for passengers and the driver at the back. One of the best ways to take in Hanoi sights is by cyclo – the uniquely Vietnamese transport that combines a bicycle with an armchair.

Sitting in front, visitors can appreciate the passing scenery and take photos or video, while the driver pedals behind. A number of companies offer specialised tours, sometimes combined with sampling different sorts of street food or watching a puppet show. A cyclo is a simple bicycle taxi which is pedaled by a cyclo driver behind you. The open and clear design of the cyclo doesn’t provide you any hindrance while taking snap shots or enjoying the wonderful sightseeing. Cyclo is a cleaner and comfortable medium to explore the city of Hanoi. The beauty wrapped in the old streets is best enjoyed sitting on a cyclo and drifting smoothly.

Originally inspired by Japanese rickshaws pulled by strong arms, the trishaw made its debut in Hanoi under the French colonial period. Explore old Quarter Hanoi by cyclo to dive in the soul of Hanoi. This "authentic" way allow visitors discover the city center in intense emotions. It's like you are in the centre of a whirlwind of movement, wrapped in a cacophony of horns and the bustle of people who trying to make their way in the middle of all this excitement. It is not easy for a particular vehicle to exist, to be honoured and loved for generations. However, a rudimentary and simple cyclo in Vietnam has done it. It is just simple and ordinary as its appearance. No noisy sound from engines, no obscure smoke and no spending too much for commuting.

From a long time, Vietnamese people have thought of the cyclo as a familiar means of transport when going out. It is not only close-knit to Vietnamese but also strongly connected with foreigners as all of them are attracted by this unique means at first sight visiting Vietnam. Not only do the Vietnamese feel close to cyclo, but foreigners are also impressed by this unique vehicle. You will be surely fond of sitting on a cyclo touring around Restored Sword Lake or along the streets at sunset. You can't walk far in Hoan Kiem, particularly around the old streets and the lake, without seeing a cyclo. The standard offer is a one-hour trip around the Old Quarter streets: expect to visit Hàng Bạc, Mã Mây, Hàng Mã Str., and the other usual suspects. To get a bit more variety ask to include a ride around Hoan Kiem Lake and over to the Opera House and past the Sofitel Metropole — that should be feasible in an hour.

If you're going somewhere reasonably close to the centre, and would combine it with the Old Quarter tour, you can also take a cyclo instead of a taxi or motorbike. For example, the ride out to Quan Thanh temple or Tran Quoc pagoda, near West Lake , is pleasant enough, and if you don't want to stop and go in you could just stick with the cyclo for a ride around Truc Bach lake. When you are visiting Hanoi, then it would be pretty interesting for you if you could take an hour ride before starting the Hanoi tour. This will ease your bearings and bring you close to the city. The culture, art and beauty are best explored when you are on foot, but in Hanoi getting to the old streets and the lake in foot is no smart option. The cyclo are the easy and comfortable medium available which give you the liberty to capture the beauty of the place in your cameras and also breathe the culture.

The cyclo drivers make your introductory or say the first ride in city even more memorable with their knowledge, so when you are being guided by the drivers, be ready for new dimensions of tourism. You can selecting cyclos and booking them from internet. The websites are present there who arrange cyclos for you. The websites are very user friendly and accurate. It’s a guarantee that you will get a cyclo at the end to give you a great Hanoi cyclo tour. Discovery Some cities in Vietnam in a cyclo is the time for peacefully welcoming windy sunset and bright sunrise on the beach of Nha Trang or Danang or elsewhere. How pleasant it is for you to enjoy relaxation on a short urban trip.

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