Vietnamese grilled bamboo stick pork with Vermicelli – ancient taste of Hanoians

Nga Do
One of most popular Vietnamese Noodle Recipes in Hanoi Capital is Grilled Pork Balls with Vermicelli (Bún Chả Nướng). This food is served with many types of herbs and specific dipping sauce. When you have a chance to visit this place, make sure you will not miss to taste it. 

It is sold on Hanoi Streets and really easy to find out. When you ask many Hanoian, they will tell you many delicious popular street food and one of them is here. Many people find it hard to resist the attractive savor of the sizzling pork strips grilled by charcoal. As soon as the pork strips are cooked, they will be put immediately into the prepared dipping sauce, served with a plate of Vermicelli and a basket of vegetables. Generations of Hanoi’s residents have been familiar with “Bun cha” – Vietnamese grilled fork with Vermicelli long ago. This dish is praised as the quintessence of Hanoi cuisine in many works of famous authors in Vietnam like Thach Lam, Vu Bang or Bang Son.

Referring to Hanoi ancient cuisine, it is almost impossible to forget grilled bamboo stick pork with Vermicelli. Anyone who pays a visit to Hanoi should try this simple but appetizing dish – a nice gift from the North Vietnamese villages at least one time. There are also many other Vietnamese traditional dishes are served with Vermicelli and dipping sauce, but what makes this dish different from them is grilled pork processing. The pork is grilled with bamboo sticks instead of broilers to create such a special flavor.

There are two kinds of grilled pork including the “piece” and the “rissole”. Both of them are clamped in small bamboo sticks and grilled; however, while the “piece” is coated with leaves of Blumea lanceolaria (“xuong song”) or Piper lolot (“la lot”), the “rissole” is the thin pork side mixed with fish sauce, sugar, and pepper.

The grilled sticks, which make the flavor for the dish, are made of green bamboo. The pork is clamped between two flat sticks, tied one end with bamboo string and grilled on charcoal. To cook the pork perfectly, it is necessary to fan with a rhythmic speed.

The chef needs to keep the fire at a medium level cleverly and constantly turn the grilled bamboo stick pork so that it almost turns crispy outside but soft inside and is mixed with the scent of bamboo, creating a specific alluring flavor. When the dish is ordered, the grilled pork will be detached from the sticks and put into sour and sweet dipping sauce – Vietnamese grilled bamboo stick pork with Vermicelli is ready to save your stomach from the starve!

Previously, grilled bamboo stick pork with Vermicelli can be taken away. Rather than dipping sauce, it was served with salt and pepper wrapped in banana leaf. Today, tourists may enjoy the delicious grilled pork processed in the traditional style by doing the guided food tour in Hanoi with the unique experience.

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