Trang Tien Ice-cream – Hanoi’s special gift

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Trang Tien ice cream is well known for its special flavour, which a countless number of Hanoi generations have a passion for. Visitors who have an opportunity to visit Hanoi and enjoy Trang Tien ice cream will not forget the distinctive feature of Hanoi’s culinary culture of standing and eating ice-cream.

 Trang Tien Ice-cream – Hanoi’s special gift 1
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Trang Tien ice cream is famous for the wide variety of flavors including bean, chocolate, young glutinous rice, and milk, which are sweet and delicious. People can feel the ice cream melting in their mouth. Since its first appearance in 1958, Trang Tien ice cream has maintained its reputation thanks to the particular quality and flavors. Despite its fame, the price is very reasonable — everyone can enjoy it

Trang Tien ice cream parlor is always crowded with people, especially in the afternoon. People queue up from outside to buy ice cream. Not only Hanoians, but also people from other provinces and foreigners have a habit of eating ice cream when dropping in on Trang Tien Street”. Hanh, another shop keeper added “Customers vary. Small children, pupils, students and adults are very fond of Trang Tien ice cream”. There are no chairs; people eating ice-cream on Trang Tien Street have to stand and enjoy the cool and sweet flavour melting on their tongue. Despite the inconvenience, a lot of people come here every day.

Lan, a student of Hanoi University of Foreign Studies, said “I often come here and eat at least 2 ice-cream every day. When I’m busy and cannot come, I have a feeling of missing something”. According to Lan, Trang Tien ice-cream has not only a special flavour but also another distinctive feature which distinguishes it from others: “Eating while standing” Ha, Lan’s classmate said “In summer, there’s not even space for standing. People hustle to buy ice cream. There’s no restaurant that is as crowded with people as this one. It’s a habit of Hanoians”.

Trang Tien ice-cream attracts not only Hanoians but also other visitors because of its simple but attractive flavour. Being asked about her feelings on Trang Tien ice cream, Julie Gaunt, a 22-year-old English girl, said “Good, very good. Accidentally when crossing the shop, the tourist guide introduced us to Trang Tien ice-cream. I was so curious, then queued in the line and enjoyed it with everyone. The ice-cream is very tasty and the way of eating is so special”. Julie Gaunt comes here to enjoy ice cream whenever she has free time.

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