Tasting Shrimp Cake of West Lake in Hanoi

Nga Do
There is a road in Hanoi city that called “Thanh Nien” road. People when crossing this road want to try some shrimp cakes because this cake became the most famous food in this street. Although shrimp cake (shrimp fried pancake) is available almost everywhere in the country, it is best at Nha hang Ho Tay (Ho Tay Restaurant) on the bank of Truc Bach lake.

Tasting Shrimp Cake of West Lake in Hanoi
Photo by Thang nguyen
From the beginning, the shrimp cakes were sold on the burdens on Co Ngu street (the last name of Thanh Nien street) but now this cakes are sold in the luxury restaurants. Nowadays, Westlake shrimp cakes are sold at only one restaurant which is located on Thanh Nien street. That sitting here and enjoying this very delicious cakes is really a good idea.

It’s very great if you enjoy shrimp cakes when it is hot because at that time, the cake is very brittle and shrimp is not fishy. The sauce to eat with this cake is the combination of sweet and sour tastes and cucumber, green papaya, and carrot.

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