Hot-air balloons to be held in Danang Fireworks Festival 2017

Nga Do
Performances of hot-air balloons will be organized from April 27 to the opening ceremony of the Da Nang International Fireworks Festival (DIFF) 2017 on April 30. The colourful hot air balloons will fly over Da Nang between 6.30a.m and 7.30a.m daily, from the East Sea Park to Asia Park. The even’t opening ceremony will also open with a fascinating paramotor display in the sky on April 30, aiming at celebarting the 25th anniversary of bilateral diplomatic ties between Vietnam and South Korea.

The Da Nang International Fireworks Competition 2017 will be held  from April 29 to June 24. This year’s festival themed Shining Ngu Hanh Son (The Marble Mountains) will attract 8 teams from the U.S., France, China, Austria and others. Vietnamese and Austrian teams will compete in the first day of the festival. The competition will be held along the Han River banks in Hai Chau and Son Tra Districts. It will be different from the previous years. Instead of taking place on three consecutive days, the 2017 compettion will run in 2 months. Accordingly, the contest will present 5 spectacular firework displays named five basic elements of wood, fire, earth, metal, and water every Satrurday nights. The performances will be broadcast live by the Vietnam Television. A series of many interesting cultural and sporting events, including street festivals, art performances, Cham cultural festival, beer festival, sculpture festival, food fair and more will be launched during the two-month long event.

Stemming from the idea of creating the cultural activities on an international level and attract tourists, Da Nang has been selected as the only locality in the country organizing the international fireworks competition annually. The fireworks display was held in two banks of the river, every year there are 1 different topic. In this occasion, Da Nang became sparkling and full of color, paint a scene incredibly unique and compelling. Many arts programs take place two nights accompany traditional boat racing on the Han River, the boat performed flowers, art exhibitions, flower drop on the Han River… It would be a pity if they come to Da Nang the this day without firsthand dance of light in the sky image of the Han river. With the initial success, the brand competition is becoming more prestige and the public interest. From where no crowd (2008), starting from the DIFC in 2009 stands for the viewer was installed with 6,000 seats. By 2012, the size of crowd watching fireworks is expanded to 30,000 seats. Besides, many companies world-famous fireworks took the initiative to contact for this event. 

The number and reputation of participating teams increased, the performances are also investing carefully, not only technically but also in terms of ideas and originality. 2017, marked a change of DIFC attractive when the competition was renamed the International Fireworks Festival in Da Nang (DIFF 2017), attracted eight teams participated and lasted two months, from April 30 to June 24. For the first time Vietnam has a long festival throughout the summer. This is also the first time the vibrant street carnival and diaphragm accompanies Festival avoid. Along with that a food festival like no other, the main anchor of this year’s festival: Shining with Marble Mountains.

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