Hoi An's Bay Mau coconut forest

Nga Do
Bay Mau Coconut Village in Cam Thanh Commune, Hoi An City is well-known for being an important historical relic as well as a craft village where many houses are built from coconut leaves.

Previously, this area had about 7,000 meter squares of coconut trees which freely grown. This area is located near the mangrove ecosystem estuary. It has large space and was selected as an army of Hoi An local resident in wars. Therefore, Bay Mau coconut forest associated with the heroic history, the resounding victory of the army and people in Hoi An.

Today, after many ups and downs of history, Bay Mau coconut forest is still up to the verdant beauty which creates  unique points in Quang Nam cultural tourism. Besides the historical value , Bay Mau coconut forest is also unique ecological areas with submerged forest system. 

It is also the habitat of many marine animals, especially species of shrimp, crab and mollusks.

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