Go camping to Dong Cao Plateau

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Dong Cao Plateau is located in Dong Son District, Bac Giang Province in the North, about 100km from Hanoi. It is an immense and amazingly peaceful plateau, with the full green grass covering the land, cooling wind, blue sky and white cloud. Dong Cao is a perfect place for the camping trip on weekend.

Go camping to Dong Cao Plateau 1
Photo by Nguyen Vu/thoidai.com.vn
Dong Cao has height of 1000m to the sea level. The plateau is completely pristine and untouched with no sign of human normal life. Everything is wrapped by an endless green of grass hills, mountains and forests. The airy, windy and spacious scene of Dong Cao will set you free in your mind and your heart. Besides, the picturesque beauty of green hills, colorful wild flowers and scattered multi-shaped stones is incredibly eye-catching.

To get to Dong Cao, you should travel by motorbike by yourself. It is totally an untouched place, so the tourist services are pretty rare. You have to prepare everything for your camping trip, including necessary equipments and foods. The way to the plateau is quite tough because of the mountainous terrain, so motorbike is the most suitable means of transport. On the way to camping place, you go through the scattered ethnic minority villages on the foot of the plateau.

You should spend two days for this trip. Vietnamese young people usually choose weekend as a good time. They could start to go from Saturday’s afternoon, stay over one night on the plateau and come back in the next day after explore the whole plateau. Sleeping over night on Dong Cao will be an amazing experience. In the peaceful and quite area, you can feel the cool and fresh air hear the howls of the wind and the sound of inspects and watch splendid sky of bright stars and moon.

In the next morning, you should wake up early to admire the beautiful dawn in here. The mist and fluffy cloud cover the plateau, highlighted by light beams of the sun. Sitting on a stone and watching the sun gradually coming out in the very wonderful natural scenery is very interesting moment. After that, you can go around to explore the whole plateau and visit King Cave nearby.

Even though there are not too many things to see and do in Dong Cao, the perfectly charming and pleasant nature of Dong Cao Plateau will warm your heart and help you feel truly alive. Like Dong Van or Moc Chau, Dong Cao is another beautiful plateau in the North of Vietnam.

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