Beautiful sparkling night Sapa

Nga Do
Nightlife has always been a nice one in Vietnam. No matter what city it is, it seems like possible to find bars, clubs, or music venues just every corner of each city. It goes the same in Sa Pa, Vietnam. Well, sure it is a frontier town. It is known as beautiful, mountainous area too. However, you can always have fun nightlife even at such place in Vietnam. The view itself is pretty good to entertain you throughout the day. Walking around from evening to night leads you to various places instead.

Sa Pa is a beautiful scenery, mountainous town in northern Vietnam along the border with China. It has long been a famous destination to tourists from all over the world to Vietnam. It’s cool weather, breathtaking landscapes have enchanted a great number of tourists and built up its fame as as a paradise on the mountain. One interesting experience in Sa Pa that tourists can never forget is its nightlife.

In daytime, Sa Pa is beautiful; its night scenery is also extremely gorgeous. The mountainous city is lit up with attractive, colorful light which creates an extraordinary fanciful sight. At night Sa Pa is still very lively. Streets with very romantic names like Cầu Mây, Mường Hoa… is crowded with foreign tourists. They leisurely walk on sloping streets, contemplate souvenir shops and take photos.

Tourists often concentrate in the Stone church area where there are a lot of grilled restaurants and souvenir shops. After wandering about the streets, how comfortable it is to enjoy delicious grilled foods such as sweet potato, egg, bird, pork, sugar cane, etc a in the cold weather of Sa Pa’s night.  Souvenir shops offer various local specialties which can be bought as presents for your beloved such as ethnic crafts especially needle work on batik fabric ranging from traditional costumes and accessories, H’mong blanket, raw embroidery works, skirts, men blouses, hats…

Tourists who are keen on exploring traditional cultures will be lured by the Love market in Sa Pa. Ethnic groups put on their most colorful costumes and head to Sa Pa's market on Saturday. The girls hide in the dark shadows and sing love songs to attract the boys, who try to find where the songs come from. If they are well matched, they disappear into the forest for three days. Perhaps, some of them get married after that.

If anyone has a go Sapa certainly hard to forget the feeling when watching the nightlife of the town. A beauty to any heart!

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