Bánh Ướt Gà - a special dish of Dalat

Nga Do
Da Lat city has long been known as a tour paradise, an address not to be ignored by tourists on their trip. In addition to the climate. beautiful landscapes. there are many special dishes of the highlands with particular culture from traditional to modern, of which is the steamed thin rice pancake dish eaten with chick giblets, a popular but famous dish.

Although being a popular dish, the chicken giblets steamed thin rice pancake dish is still very attractive because of the skillful processing combined with the aromatic herbs of Lat, helping people who enjoy the dish to recognize the strange taste but of high nutritional value. This food is both popular with the people of Da Lat and many tourists.

In Da Lat, steamed thin rice pancake is made from a kind of rice mixed with some tapioca starch and cassava to create fragrance and flexibility. After rice is soaked, it is ground, mixed with some flour and given a certain ratio of water so that it is not broken when cooked. With diligence and skill, the cook smoothly spreads each layer of flour on the surface of the mold, so the pancake is not too thin nor too thick, Chicken and chicken giblets, immature eggs eaten with steamed thin rice pancake are also prepared by chefs very carefully. Often people choose chickens raised in the garden to have meat-firm but not tough, when boiled emits the smell of chicken raised naturally. To avoid the smell of chicken, the chicken giblets after preliminary processing will be marinated with spices. To make chicken crispy and fragrant, the cook only stir-fries it before eating; chicken is usually boiled and torn. Together with chicken giblets and steamed thin rice pancake is the with sweet and sour fish sauce, this is the secret to make a difference of this dish compared to that of other places.

In the cold weather, enjoying the hot steamed thin rice pancake dish will be an interesting, unforgettable experience for tourists on their trip to this dreamy city. Those who enjoy this dish for the first time will be fascinated by the aromatic taste of the steamed thin rice pancake, the fatty taste of chicken and chicken giblets and the hot taste of chilli, the aromatic aromas of Dalat herbs. All of these ingredients blend together to create a unique flavor that can be found nowhere else.

The steamed thin rice cake dish eaten with chicken giblets, known as a speciality of Da Lat, attracts diners immediately by the unique name as well as the special taste. It is because of the popularity of the chicken giblets steamed thin rice pancake dish, together with the artichoke stew with pork leg dish, chicken giblets steamed thin rice pancake dish was selected by the Vietnam Record Society as Vietnam Top 100 cuisine specialties in 2016.

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