April - madonna lily flower season down the street

Nga Do
The bud lilies are blooming on many streets for signaling Spring - Summer moment. Lilies are not as brilliant as many other types, but they are special blooming in April. The blossoming flowers bring sunshine and new colors for the Capital, that make many Hanoians to be anxious...

Madonna Lily growing geophyte of the genus Lilium also known as Lilium candidum, Madonna Lily perennial deciduous used as ornamental fragrant plant, can grow in mediterranean and indoor plant. Flowers color white in trumpet-shaped the stamens are yellow. Leaves green grow in radial structure. 

One of the most beautiful plants originated in the East Mediterranean and transferred to all other parts of the world. It is a rare species that appears in only a few locations on Mt. Carmel and Upper Galilee. 

This is a geophyte with a large bulb that produces in the autumn a rosette of long leaves. In the spring a tall stalk grows up carrying bright-green lanceolate leaves. It may reach more than 2 m in height. At its top there are several large fragrant flowers. The white corolla is funnel like with six pointed lobes that form the symmetrical shape of the Star-of-David. At the flower center there are 6 long stamens that release orange pollen in large quantities. Among them is the long pistil. The dry fruit slits open and disperse a large number of small seeds. 
Heavy uprooting and picking in the past brought this species to the verge of extinction. Another cause of its decreased abundance is the closure of woody areas due to cessation of goat grazing that was much more common in the past. This closure reduces the amounts of light the plants receive and decrease blooming and seed production.

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