The most fascinating kinds of flowers engross visitors to Da Lat

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Da Lat is considered as “the little Paris” for most of tourists. It is a harmony of beautiful weather, stunning sightseeing, flowers and hospitality people. Renowned for being the kingdom of flowers, Da Lat has deeply engrossed numerous visitors because of the fascinating glamour and absorbing fragrance of the flowers. Each kind of flower has its own attractiveness and its own compellingness.

In Da Lat, you can see plentiful kinds of stunning flowers that can hardly be found any where in Vietnam and some outstanding kinds to mention below can create an anthology of the most fascinating kinds of flowers in the land of love.

1. Wild sunflowers

Many people have mistakenly thought that the ravishingly yellow flowers of wild sunflowers are the particular features of the highland area of the Northwest. Indeed, you can contemplate the perfect beauty of this kind of flowers only when you arrive at Da Lat.

Around early winter, from end of October and eaerly November, Da Lat is getting cooler. It is not the piercing coldness like the weather in the Northern Vietnam, but it is cool enough for you to put on a woollen cloth or a jacket. This time is the blooming season of wild sunflowers as well to display their briliant yellow color with the surroundings. Along the paths and at street conners, the overwhelming yellow color of wild sunflowers seem covering the scenic nature. Despite being a kind of wild flower, these ravishing flowers also create an exceptional feature for the flower city.

2. Dandelions

A single dandelion can hardly attract your attention, however, hundreds or thousands of dandelions will create a scenic and poetic nature. The blooming season of dandelions is from March to October, first, the dandelions are in yellow then greadually turn into the pristine white color. They can live together with grasses, so you can meet them in any field of the city of love. Whenever the wind pass through, the little dandelions are picked up and accompanied with the wind, which create a poetic rain of flowers.

A rarely-known mystery of this flower is that the flower petals will be wreaked at certain hours in the afternoon, therefore, for those who are fascinated by these flowers, they can regconize the time through this lovely “watch”.

3. Pansy flowers

The attractiveness of the little beautiful pansies like butterflies flying on the top of the flower branches, has engrossed numerous visitors to Da Lat. Watching the colorful pansies set in a conner of your house or on the table at your work place can bring you more energy for a new day. The name of this beautiful flower originates from a tragic love story. There was a couple who deeply fell in love, the boy often picked the butterfly-shaped flowers to give the girl. One day, because of being absorbed in picking up the flowers, the boy has had a slip and felt down to the valley. Before falling he was able to give his girl the flowers with a message “Pense à moi” (think of me). Therefore, in the viewpoint of the flower lovers, the pansies are the symbol of love and nostalgic memories.

4. Purple Flamboyants

In the North of Vietnam, people are so familiar with the red color of red flamboyants in the heating sunny days. While in Da Lat, visitors are amazed with the purple color of the faithful and romantic color of purple flamboyants. The purple flamboyants spread over the sky and create reminiscent surroundings. It seems to be the reason attracting visitors to Da Lat  for experiencing the purple flamboyants season from March to May, then near Xuan Huong lake, or in the valley of love and around the city, visitors gather with great pleasure for enjoying the scenic nature.

5. Da Lat roses

You can see the flower which is the symbol of love – roses any where in the country, however, roses in Da Lat is outstanding from other roses without any similarities with that in other regions. There are different types of Da Lat roses with different colors including red, yellow, pink, white, bright yellow, pink white, in some farms, they can grow green roses, however, they share the similarity that is the appealing fragrance and fascinating glamour.

6. Mimosa

Mimosa seems to be unfamiliar with those who are not knowledgable about plants and flowers, however, in Da Lat the bright yellow pompom flowers on the silver-leaved trees are the indispensable image for welcoming winter. The flowers are considered the little sunbeams gathering and creating attractive bunches spreading over the mountain areas and the outskirts. So fragile, but this kind of flower is granted with the vehement vitality and endurance to get over such freezing winter to enjoy the shining lights of the mountain city.

7. Chery blossoms

You do not need to travel to Japan or other countries to watch the beauty of cherry blossom. Now you just need to make a plan for a trip to Da Lat around Tet holiday then you can enjoy the feeling of being in the kingdom of cherry.

The white pink flowers displaying their beauty in the wind in the poetic scenery of Da Lat winter creating a romantic atmosphere for couples. Coming here with your partner in the cherry blooming season so you can have memorized experiences.

Each kind of flower has its own attractiveness and various kinds of flowers seem take turn to embellish the glamourous scenery of the flower city. And it is a certainty that you will be engrossed in such ravishingly compelling surroundings of Da Lat. For the flower lovers, this is really a paradise of flowers for them to enjoy, so every two years, Da Lat jubilantly welcome thousands of visitors to Da lat for experiencing the Flower Festival. If you are a flower lover but you have never experience discovering the beauty of these kinds of flowers in Da Lat, you have wasted part of your life.

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