It Is The Right Time To Take Vietnam Tours For Hunting Clouds

Nga Do
Hunting clouds over the sky-scraping mountains, watching the river of clouds as white as cotton floating beneath, taking snapshots to hold memories have become hot topics of the youth nowadays. Because this is the right time to take Vietnam tours for “hunting clouds”, Vietnam Typical Tours will introduce you the most beautiful places in Vietnam where you can fulfil this ambition.


Fansipan is a well-known location for cloud hunting, this is the dream destination that many people want to conquer. Fansipan peak at 3143 meters and this is the highest mountain in Indochina. Standing on the highest peak, watching the white clouds floating under your foot is so wonderful. The most appropriate time to climb Fansipan is from September to March.

According to the local language, the mountain named “Hua Xi Pan” means giant wondrous rocks. To conquer this height is not simple. So far, Fansipan has been the destination of those who have the will and passion to conquer and explore. If this is your first time to conquer Fansipan to hunt clouds, let Vietnam Typical Tours plan you the most spiritual Vietnam tour.

Sa Pa

Located at an altitude of 1500 – 1650m, Sa Pa is the preferred accommodation for many travelers because of the pure, spacious and clean nature. Moreover, Sapa is also an ideal place for “hunting clouds”. Clouds in Sa Pa are the “specialty brand” and are Sa Pa attractions. The best location for “hunting cloud” is in Ham Rong Mountains or Ta Van Commune.

If you want to go somewhere off the beaten track, enjoy the mountainous scenery, you may be interested in our Vietnam tours we offer Discovery North – East Vietnam or Splendor of the North to experience the city of clouds – Sapa.

Ta Chi Nhu (Yen Bai)

Ta Chi Nhu in Pu Luong massif of Hoang Lien Son Mountains, is currently the 6th highest mountain in Vietnam. Ta Chi Nhu is called “heavenly ocean” because this is the place where the cloud is well suited for hunting clouds. From atop the mountain you will see the sun rise from the sea of clouds. The most appropriate time for cloud hunting is in the winter and the most beautiful moment is at dusk and early dawn sun.

Y Ty

Y Ty commune highland, a famous “hunting cloud” for most adventurers, is covered by fog all year round. The higher they go, the more visitors will feel like their hands touch the spotless white sea of clouds and sunshine flooded in glistening silver. The winding mountain clouds make the scenery even more attractive. The best time for hunting cloud in Y Ty is from August of the previous year to March of the next year.

Enjoy an early windy and sweeping clouds floating together with light is surely an unforgettable experience. Let’s enjoy the moment of interference of light and dark, between earth and sky by taking Viet Nam tours to hunt clouds. Remember that your safety is really important, therefore, it might be easier for you to take Vietnam tours with Vietnam Typical Tours. For more advice or to book the tours with best prices, please contact us:


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