Hot Soy Milk in Dalat, you should try it

Nga Do
No one took the time to go against history is a normal drink soy milk. But the climate and landscape of Da lat is the cradle makes soy milk dish location “background” distinct from every glass of soya milk in other regions. When you come to Da Lat, you can indispensable to drink hot soy milk.

Of course over time, Da Lat is now much change, things change for better or worse depends on individual perspectives. But there ‘s one simple thing that’s Da lat soy dishes , a casual drink to the point without merit or blame , do not need to show off or hide ; something but not ranked or be featured on the media but certainly if soy milk dish that absence or unpopular they will no longer Da Lat.

Each tourist when coming to Da Lat in the evening will certainly not forget to drink soy milk with friends. Particularly, on weekends, they like to go to the walking quarter to enjoy special and unique street food, with soy milk nearby, together with the devoted service of the seller, all create a very special cultural trait of Da Lat.

In the chilly evening air, Da Lat appears translucent, shimmering under the flower-shaped lights. Along small streets, many street stalls fill the air with sweet-smelling odors of food. Among these scents, we cannot fail to mention a simple, idyllic drink with unforgettable taste – the hot soy milk. The glasses of hot soy milk will warm you in the cold air of Da Lat at night.

In Da Lat night, visitors can drink soy milk anytime, anywhere. If you like to drink soymilk burden on the shores of Lake Xuan Huong, the visitors will get “promotion” for a few fun stories, sad about the exile lives of immigrants selling soymilk.

On the pedestrian street, the soy milk on sale in a few car sales aluminum hanging colored lights lit up the tables and chairs, soy milk here have “weaknesses” is like some rice-noodle vending, selling wet cake in Saigon.

To have a place to sell soy milk in this city where the seller must listening buy seats near is the tens of millions. But soymilk destination Da lat market is in the shop only sells soy milk, with shops only a few square meters wide but also sold in decent frontage road or the corner.

In Tang Bat Ho Street with shops selling very expensive soy milk products, on the weekends guests sit tight spills a ramp to drink milk. Having guests like to drink soy milk mixed with cow milk characteristics, peanut milk, bean in milk or eat some more like croissants, marzipan.

But most visitors prefer to sit on the small chair hands “hug” soy milk, and then bring up mouth periodontal sipped hot milk. There are gourmet soy milk is milk in the shop said Tang Bat Ho Street tasty, cheap but not the most delicious Da lat. In their previous soymilk market in Hades, in the first Peace steep market or soy milk is milk three times a Best.

Besides coffee, the glass of hot soy milk in the early morning or at night has taken root in the life of many local residents. Da Lat residents have their special drinking style, that is, they can drink soy milk or mix soy milk with condensed milk, peanuts, green beans and eat some cakes… Da Lat becomes chillier and chillier at late night, fog covers the city, making Da Lat a mysterious place, and the shoulder pole with two loads on both ends becomes more unique. The seller has a large pot full of soy milk, put on a coal stove, surrounded by small stools, and customers will sit around the stove enjoying hot soy milk. Everybody sits next to each other, sipping hot soy milk, spreading warmth from their heart and feels close to each other, and when tourists leave the city, they bring with them loving souvenirs of this foggy city.

No one has known ever since, when soy milk has become a special drink of Da Lat. The magnet of this drink is quite strange, irrespective of social strata, no age barrier, anyone can enjoy, at any time. The chilly air makes the taste of soy milk in this place so charming, unlike other places where you’ve ever enjoyed this drink.

Da Lat soy milk is quite simple and idyllic, but attracts lots of customers. It is produced from soybeans. Through the skilled hands of the sellers, soybeans are soaked, ground, then filtered to get water from soybean grounds and slightly simmered over the fire, with pandan leaves. Then you will have a sweet-smelling and nutritious soy milk pot. Soy milk is rich in calcium, protein, and meets the needs of Vietnamese people, with prices suiting the expenses of most families.

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