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Exploring beautiful waterfalls in Quang Ngai

Located in the Truong Son Mountain Range, Minh Long white waterfalls in the central province of Quang Ngai impress visitors, especially young people with its stunning beauty.

Exploring beautiful waterfalls in Quang Ngai 1
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The white waterfalls are about 40km away to the southwest from Quang Ngai city. It is situated in Thanh An commune in Minh Long district.

The waterfalls are surrounded by Truong Son mountain range. Tourists are impressed by the imposing natural landscape, fresh air and atmosphere of peace and tranquillity here.

A local resident has recently turned the deserted site into a tourist attraction. The height of the waterfalls is between 40 and 50 metres. This is an ideal destination for visitors, especially young people at weekend. A blue lake with a depth of nearly two metres is at the foot of the waterfalls. Young people often jump from the cliffs into the lake.
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