Enjoy the famous cake of northern Vietnam

Nga Do
Banh Duc (plain rice flan) is the most popular in the north and it is considered one of the most rustic and simple cakes in Hanoi cuisine.


People in Northern Vietnam consider banh duc a wonderful gift from the countryside which, like a breeze across the fields, brings hints of flavours both familiar and exotic. This dish is made in many places.

Grind soaked rice with water in a grist mill; next, add lime juice to the flour solution to bring it to a certain degree of glutinousness; then boil the solution, add peanuts to enhance the nutty flavor, and stir it continuously to prevent it from burning.

The attraction

When well done, Banh duc takes on a jelly-like-appearance and has a mild flavor. It is served either hot or cold, commonly with soy sauce and sometimes with tofu.

The buttery taste of peanut, rice flour, the spicy sweet flavor of soy sauce and soft tofu are mixed perfectly together, bringing guests a cool dish in the hot days of summer.

This dish tastes cool and smooth, without fat, it is suitable for people on a die.

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