Discovery of Pu Luong in rice ripening season

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When talking about terraces, many people may immediately think about Northern highland provinces and not many people know about Pu Luong (Thanh Hoa) where is also a wonderful address for enjoying the beauty of terraces in the rice ripening season. Pu Luong used to be a natural reserves. This area is beautiful around the year, but the rice ripening season may be the most-worth-visiting season. Pu Luong will welcome tourists with the cool and comfortable weather of the mountainous area in autumn.

Discovery of Pu Luong in rice ripening season
Photo by TuanAnhNgo
And it will be credible when a picturesque landscape appears everywhere in front of your eyes. You should discover Pu Luong from Kho Muong mountain hamlet and walk through four mountain hamlets including Pon - Thanh Cong - Cao Hoong – Kit mountain hamlets to discover the life, culture, customs and conventions of the local people.

Or you can follow Kho Muong - Uoi - Pho Doan path to visit Quan mountain hamlet to experience a tranquil, simple and slow-paced life. From here, you can hire motorbikes to visit terraces like ink paintings engraving on the mountain side in the yellow and bumper harvest. Many people have been breathtaking when seeing the indescribable beauty. From the dawn when the early sunshine appears until the twilight, it is wonderful to enjoy the ripening rice smell among the fog and cloud. If visit Pu Luong in Thursday or Sunday, don't forget to visit Pho Don kermis. Here, you can buy souvenirs, high-land farm produces and enjoy many specialties.

Discovery of Pu Luong in rice ripening season 1
Photo by TuanAnhNgo
If staying households with homestay services, the house's owners will offer you with foreign-imbued dishes such as: mountain chicken, forest snail, sour bamboo shoots, bitter bamboo shoots, rice cooked in bamboo tube, forest banana flower salad, grilled duck, roasted wild boars, etc. All dishes are delicious. Of them, many people are impressive with the bitter soup which is cooked from a type of bitter leave with chicken's organs and blood. When eating this type of soup, tourists will feel the extreme bitterness in their throat.

However, a cool and strange sweet taste will be left on the tongue. The wind from the field is very cool. After having the meal, you may go to sleep late, come to an empty land, lay on the grass and see the starry sky. You can also participate in the camp fire, dance or see the Khap dance of Thai people in Pu Luong. If your trip is long, you may also discover Lac, Cao Hong, Kit mountain hamlets, etc.

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