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Best Vietnam Tours 2022 - 2023

Discover Ninh Thuan vineyards in summertime

Summer is the best time for tourists to go to Ninh Thuan to visit vineyards and taste grapes.

Located deep in the countryside about 7 km from Phan Rang City, the vineyard of Mr. Ba Moi in Phuoc Thuan commune in Ninh Phuoc district is a popular destination.

Succulent grapes in the garden.

Tourists visit the green vineyards and take photos.

Purple grapes, the imported variety that is only grown on the farm of Mr. Ba Moi.

Visitors visit the vineyard to pick fresh grapes, sip wine and learn about the development of grape plants.

A red vineyard.

Farmers cut grapes at the orders of tourists.

Workers package grapes for sale.

Baskets of ripe grapes. The Ninh Thuan International Grapes and Wine Festival 2014 will be held from July 17 to 19 in Phan Rang City.
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