Dalat! Destination For Romantic Love Story

Nga Do
Someone says that start your romantic love story from love homeland in rustling of pines, babbling of waterfalls and stand by your half to aspire together on Lang Biang Mountain which is symbol of eternal love between Lang and Biang. That is reason why Da Lat is one of the most impressive destinations for honeymoon tour in Vietnam.

Da Lat is home of natural hills, streams, lakes, waterfalls and pine forests. Each place is a legend of tribes living in Da Lat as Love Valley, Mong Mo Hill, Xuan Huong Lake, Tuyen Lam Lake, Lam Ty Li Pagoda and so on.

Love Valley attracts to Vietnamese as well as foreign tourists because of its natural romances and spectacular landscapes. Besides, thank to investment from human, this valley also creates unforgettable feeling for visitors. Many couples keep happy moments together at a whole flowers and green trees hill with small paths. Along the ways, there are image of two hand exchanging rings, a statue of a couple, even rock benches also for couples’ symbol. At foot of the hill, Da Thien Lake appears with transparent water in front of them. Many couples would like to spend their honeymoon package Dalat by hiring pedalo to ramble on surface water, and then sitting in the shadow of immense pine forests to have best sweet time together. A road leading to Mimosa stream is grown whole mimosa flower along its two sides. It is absolutely like heaven of love on earth. Therefore, lovers choose Love Valley to take the most beautiful wedding photographs in their life.

Along with Love Valley, Mong Mo Hill referred to as Hill of sweet honeymoon is also beautiful place of Da Lat. On a modest area hill, splendid colored flowers and green grasses during 4 seasons of the year under sunlight attract to tourists from the first eye. Here, they can gaze at artificial architecture in harmony combination with natural landscapes. For example, the  2- kilometer – road spreading across mountain towards an old 300-year-old house built under “nha ruong” architecture in Binh Dinh takes tourists to places to think longingly of past, from multicolored nature to the world of flowers around. All of them give them new and comfortable feeling. Holiday for couples in Da Lat is really wonderful experience because they have not only happy moments together but also live in fairy world on earth.

Anyone travelling to Da Lat also utters “Wow, what a beautiful land.” Da Lat is wonderful in not only tourists but also people who have yet set their foot in this land. Da Lat is like a magnet attracting travelers thank to gorgeous waterfalls, dew illusion of flowers, and cool water of Xuan Huong Lake.  The most famous architecture at Xuan Huong Lake is Thuy Ta tower. In French domination period, this tower is called“La Grenouillère” (meaning frog pond in Vietnamese). Nobody knows what this name come from. The name “Thuy Ta” is sometime called “Thuy Toa”, meaning a working on the water surface.  It is wonderful to have memorable photographs with this architecture. This is a white house with a prominent rail and like a luxury yacht. Until now, Thuy Ta is still small and beautiful bar to serve a large number of tourists.

In Da Lat, visitors can comfortably enjoy natural beauty and mix themselves with romantic love story bringing gentle moments in order that they forget difficulties, narrow in their daily life. Besides, Da Lat city is known for its famous architecture. Many researchers said that Dalat was Paris of Vietnam with unique, luxury villas.

Night at highland, the bright Moon enlightens roads covered with pines along two sides.  Opaque fog spreads across Xuan Huong Lake. About 9pm, it is difficult to recognize any vehicle transporting on the road. Loads of hawkers in Da Lat night market attract to tourists both in domestic and foreign. Normally, there is an oil lamp in each load which is enough light for customers choose dishes they want. There is no discrimination between customers, from laborers, students to luxury customers of visitors. They come to ordinary and simple inn, enjoy special dishes, dry their cold hands on the fire, and drink warm cup of soya in frosty night. This maybe is the most unforgettable memory for a special honeymoon week in Da Lat.

Thanks to its recognized attraction, Dalat becomes one of ideal destinations of holiday for couples in Vietnam. Highland city’s value always sustainable develops along with the name “Love City”. Maybe, thank to its seducement, Da Lat is the most perfect options for newlyweds to commemorate their honeymoon, organize sweet wedding and take the most beautiful wedding photographs.

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