Come to Dong Thap province to enjoy "The lotus flower season"

Nga Do
 "Saw coconut mind Ben Tre

        Saw Lotus Flower mind Thap Muoi"

Arrive in Thap Muoi, located at Dong Thap Province, Mekong Delta in the flooding season. You will find out there are vast river here: lotus, water lilies, strabismus, algae… especial is Lotus Flower.

On the way close to Thap Muoi, Lotus is everywhere. The Lotus in Thap Muoi bloom on flooding season (July to October Lunar calendar). They often bloom widely in the morning. Lotus initially white, until noon switch to red.  At 3:00 pm, move to dark pink the switch to red after sunset. The next day, they continue to bloom and change colors cyclical for 3 days then switch to dark purple and brutal. If this flower remnant, the other will bloom. This have only in Dong Thap Province.

At this time, when walking on sand Lotus pond, or rent a boat. You can free to enjoy and ecstasy in sight and scent of Pink Lotus.  Guests wander canoeing just creep into the endless mini lagoon, fragrant, stress and tiredness suddenly evaporated.

Not only famous in Lotus Flower, Thap Muoi is also home of several best lilies. Instead of the familiar color is purple stretch to the horizon, Lilies in Thap Muoi mostly pristine white. 

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