Best Foods To Eat For Your Vietnam Culinary Tour

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If the North of Vietnam is famous for “Pho” and stuffed pancake, the Center of Vietnam is attractive with Quang noodle and shellfish rice, the South of Vietnam invites gourmets with symbolic pancake as well as the sweet-and-sour fish broth. For a perfect culinary tour to Vietnam, it’s smart to go with a clear head about the best foods to enjoy based on regions.

The Most Stunning Specialties in Northern Vietnam

If arriving in Hanoi, you should always look for “Pho” as Hanoi is the cradle of this specialty. Hanoi Pho is the irreplaceable brand regardless of numerous Pho variations throughout the country. People can add some spices to change the original taste of Pho beef or chicken broth to suit their favorite flavor.  That makes “Pho” incredibly popular amongst the Vietnamese. In fact, Hanoi owns a broad range of famous “Pho” shops, and Pho Thin is the highly recommended address for connoisseurs.

The other delicious food in Northern Vietnam is the stuffed pancake, traditionally including the minced pork and stir-fried mushroom. This specialty is served with grilled pork, fried tofu, and fresh vegetables. The Hanoi stuffed pancake has the firm position in Hanoi culinary scene. Another yummy dish is crab rice noodle, made from a mixture of crab, tomato, spring onion and noodle. Some additions to this mixture create the succulent variations. Hence, if the Vietnam culinary tour is done in Hanoi, don’t miss these outstanding dishes!

The Most Famous Foods in Central Vietnam

The steamed rice cake is the royal culinary heritage of Hue originated from the reign of Tu Duc King. The locals often eat this cake with the minced mushroom and fried shrimps. This traditional cake of Hue means a new day with luck and health. Since the Central people appreciate the savory taste; so, they often add chili sauce to the plate.

Also, Quang Noodle in Quang Nam is highly recognizable with the thick, yellow noodle served with shrimp, pork, peanut, aromatic vegetable, and the quintessential broth. As usual, this famous noodle is eaten with grilled rice paper. Another eminent food delicacy belongs to Hue: the shellfish rice. The shellfish caught from Perfume River are then cooked to make the nutrient broth used with rice. The dish can be eaten with rice paper, crispy roasted pork skin, sweet herbs, etc. A bowl of shellfish rice features quintessence and simplicity of cuisine. When it comes to Hoi An Ancient Town, remember to relish “Cao Lau” dish, consisting of noodle, sweet herb, lettuce, tofu, and roasted pork.

The Yummiest Dishes in Southern Vietnam

The culinary trip to Mekong Delta cannot be complete if you don’t eat the southern pancake, made from rice flour served with coconut milk, pork, shellfish, sweet herb, and vegetables. With the special fish sauce, the crispy pancake creates the best taste. Another “sister” of a pancake is the mini pancake cooked in the different shapes but the similar ingredients.

As noted at the beginning, the sweet-and-sour fish broth contributes to the reputation of Vietnamese southern cuisine. The soup reflects the affluence of Mekong Delta region with plenty of fish and herb; it is the simple yet attractive dish in Vietnamese family meals. What’s more, the dishes cooked with sauce in Pipkin are the highlights of the southern fusion, which create the sweet, succulent flavor to mesmerize gourmets.

Obviously, you have lots of yummy favorites to eat during the Vietnam culinary tours to either the North, the Central, or the South of Vietnam. If you still don't have any specific plan to discover Vietnam, you can refer to these Vietnam tour schedules. We offer many different types of travel from adventure tours to luxury cruises or beach holidays in Vietnam to help tourists to fully explore Vietnam in landscapes, culture as well as cuisine.

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