Tien Phi Cave: A Beautiful Landscape In Hoa Binh

Nga Do
Tien Phi Cave was discovered in 1982, began to open its doors to guests in 1984. On May 6/2000 by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism recognized it as a  cultural heritage. It is located on the top  of Thung Phi Hill in  the mountainous province of Hoa Binh and about 9 km from Hoa Binh city center to the north.

Over the long winding hill road and hundreds of stone steps, tourists walk and enjoy the natural landscape of the fresh hill. Along the way, there are forest trees blossoming white, flows of hanging flower baskets as nests, and each rock leaning on the tree making a heart shape.

Up to the top of the hill, visitors see high casuarina and eucalyptus trees standing on the windswept hill. This place still retains the rocks adjacent to the edges of the hill. It is an exciting place where many tourists arrive to satisfy curiosity and view the beautiful scene of the city from afar.

Because local people and travelers are good at protecting the environment, nature is still pristine, clean, no rubbish like other resorts. The natural stones are located deep in the cave and given in different shapes like the fairies, angelfish, lions, elephants, turtles, and tigers. All creates  a colorful forest. The most famous thing that must be mentioned is that this cave is associated with a legend that a fairy with her strips like clouds in the search of her elder sister on the earth.

Many stalactites have unique shapes

The cave was formed by the rocks based on others. In particular, the fact is that tourists coming here are very interested in the natural jungle landscape, the casuarina and eucalyptus hills, the fresh air, especially a very nice view. Standing here, visitors can view blue Da river, observing a part of growing Hoa Binh city.

Admired the sight, many people linger for a long time to film and take photos about beautiful stones. Step into the cave system, the populations of rocks are cleverly arranged like a magnificent castle.

Visitors from everywhere compliment this place where there are many beautiful natural stones. here are many people who wish to stop to enjoy the natural scenery here a few days, however, there is no sanctuary.

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Tien Phi cave is a masterpiece that nature created and gave to Hoa Binh making visitors not want to break up soon with a fairytale land of Muong ethnic group.

Undoubtedly, Tien Phi Cave will be an interesting destination for your trip to Vietnam.

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