The unique beauty of nature at Mon Beach

Nga Do
Phu Yen Province on the central coast is a famous tourist attraction with many beautiful sites and landscapes but not many visitors to the province know about Mon Beach.

The unique beauty of nature at Mon Beach

The pristine beach has become popular since it was chosen for shooting the renowned movie “Toi thay hoa vang tren co xanh” (Yellow Flowers on the Green Grass) by overseas Vietnamese director Victor Vu.

Mon Beach lies at the foot of Mui Dien Lighthouse in Tan Phuoc Hamlet, Hoa Tam Commune, Tuy Hoa District.

In order to admire the beauty of the beach, tourists are recommended to start the trip in the early morning

To reach the site, tourists should follow a seaside road to reach Vung Ro Bay before continuing the trip to Ca Pass and then keep traveling on the road leading to Mui Dien Lighthouse, which is also called Dai Lanh Lighthouse.

Dai Lanh Cape

Built in 1890 in Dai Lanh Cape, which is 100 meters above sea level, the lighthouse has a height of 26 meters and a diameter of five meters. It features a spiral wooden staircase with 108 steps.

From the cape, there is an asphalted road to Mon Beach.

Tourists will find it interesting when seeing a small stream flowing out from Ca Pass and running straight to the sea.

On the right side of the stream is a vast green grassland on the side of Dai Lanh Cape, highlighted by wild vegetation and rocks. All create a picturesque painting. If lucky enough, tourists can see cows eating grass in that painting and feel a true taste of a getaway trip.

The landscape on the opposite side of the stream is completely different. It is a unique space which cannot be easily found at other beaches. There, tourists can take a walk on a smooth yellow sand beach spanning 400 meters along small sand dunes, which change their shapes each time strong winds blow in from the sea.

On those sand dunes, the beauty of grass and wild vegetation captivates visitors for sure.

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