The Charming Beauty Of Nui Doi (Double Mountain)

Nga Do
In spite of knowing that a legend forever remains a legend, anyone watching Nui Doi (Double Mountain) associates it with two breasts of a young girl  even if he or she has not heard about the legend.

With a peculiar shape, attached to a legend story, Nui Doi Quan Ba ( Quan Ba Double Mountain) which locals often call Fairy Mountain, has become one of the most important destination in the journey to Dong Van Plateau, fascinating for professional photographers.

Lying in a small valley of the mountain town of Tam Son, Quan Ba District, Ha Giang province, surrounded by high and low fields and embellished the dark brown ground roofs, Nui Doi always attracts travelers.

The best time to admire the wonderful scenery of the mountain is in spring or in summer, at which the grass and shrubs are  green or rice is ripe on the terraced fields of Tam Son.

For centuries, Double Mountain is so beautiful and attractive. It is worshiped and protected local people. Additionally, the legendary story about Fairy Mountain ingrained in their subconsciousness.

The story goes that, in mountainous Quan Ba, there is a Hmong boy. He is handsome and good at playing “đàn môi” (lip lute).

There is a fairy named Hoa Dao who is incredibly beautiful and overhears his lip lute sound. She flees from the heaven to find him and falls in love with him. She finds ways to stay on the earth. The marriage between a man and a fairy happens. They become a husband and a wife. Next, she gives birth to a boy.

When the Jade Emperor knows that Hoa Dao flies down to the earth to marry, he is so angry that he sends his staffs to catch her. Loving her husband and her newborn child, she leaves her double breasts on the earth.

According to a legend, thanks to her breast milk, the area has a cool climate and incredibly delicious fruits such as peaches, plums, pears, and persimmons, green vegetables, and huge corn seeds. Her tears mourning her husband and child turn into Mien River surrounding rugged mountains.

The charm of the mountain with the values of geological and wonderful natural conditions makes the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism of Vietnam recognized Nui Doi as a national scenic in 2010. Along with Dong Van Karst Plateau Global Geopark, Double Mountain becomes an icon and an attractive destination and plays an importance of this unique land.

If you have a chance to visit Ha Giang, you do not miss Nui Doi to discover the charming beauty.

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