Lan Ha Bay in Autumn, the most beautiful season

Nga Do
If you make a late fall cruising, Lan Ha Bay is undoubtedly the ideal destination not to be missed.

Lan Ha Bay in Autumn, the most beautiful season
Photo by Paul Arps
Located in the south of the East Bay and Cat Ba Island, Lan Ha Bay area of ​​over 7,000ha highlight the spectacular beauty of around 400 dense islands, bring interesting shapes. Unlike Halong, all in Lan Ha Bay Islands are covered with trees, although only the extremely small island.

Although not yet know the majority of tourists to the Lan Ha Bay but is considered one of the most beautiful bays of Vietnam. When the weather is the time to collect the most beautiful Lan Ha Bay with sun light, not hot fire, mild with cool breeze of the ocean, that guests enjoy the fresh lock, relaxing boat ride to admire the bay area.

Scenery of the bay is also very poetic, peace to the island undulating, sand dwellings, pretty small boats of fishermen and the crystal clear waters…Lan Ha Bay property 139 dreamy golden sand and desert, some stretches between two rocks, quiet no big waves, is the ideal beach.

Besides the sea area of ​​Lan Ha Bay is also the location coral extremely ideal for the colorful coral reefs as Van Boi, Canal, or in the calm waters as areas Sen Island, Monkey Island…

Activities can not be ignored if given the opportunity to visit Lan Ha Bay which is exploring the bay kayaking, visit Luon cave, Van Boi around the beach with green water, beautiful space to swim in the heart of the Bay of calm.

Lan Ha Bay is sure to bring travelers great sea travel between the cool air of autumn.

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