Exploring the world's largest cave Son Doong: What makes it appealing

Nga Do
The world leading entertainment firm Warner Bros chose Son Doong to film its blockbuster Kong: The skull island; ambassadors of the Czech, Argentina, Sweden, the United Kingdom, Italy, Australia and most recent the US took their time conquering Son Doong. Apart from the giant size, what else have made the Quang Binh - based cave become such a captivating destination for tourists and artists?

As a picture paints a thousand words, the answer can simply be found through this photo collection - credited to Jarryd Salem (CNN) during his expedition in Son Doong.

The journey to Hang Son Doong is not for the faint-hearted with two days of intense jungle trekking and river crossings to reach the entrance.

Despite the physical demands guests are perfectly cared for, two caving experts, three local guides, two chefs, two park rangers and 20 porters join every expedition.

Once inside hikers are expected to abseil, climb, crawl and swim through underground rivers to arrive at the end of the cave. It's an adventure like no other

However, to the adventurers, the challeng is really worth it. For instance, watching starry skies through an erosion hole can be a marvellous  experience.

Hang En of Son Doong - the most spectacular campsite in Asia

Breathtaking views can be found in any corner

Jade-color Rao Thuong river flowing through Son Doong keeps carving new chambers and passage

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