Exploring country life in the Red River Delta

Nga Do
Most guests to Vietnam choose to stop by Hanoi and explore the Red River Delta. Some are eager to go outside the city and witness life in countryside delta, where there are 80% of local people living. The full Exploring country life in the Red River Delta are mostly done in rice paddies and villages – the quintessence of the Vietnamese capital. If you’re keen on the delta charm as well as rural life, don’t miss a wide choice of authentic tours to this region! More and more people regard to this tourist destination as the heartland of both culture and history.

In Travelers’ Eyes, Red River Delta Gives Them Peace and Refreshes Their Minds

The Red River Delta is one of the two biggest deltas in Vietnam, which takes its current form from 4,000 years ago. Know that the coast of this delta his likely to extend by a dramatic 100 meter a year. In reference to number of inhabitants there, it has one of the highest densities across the world. Over centuries, the delta mostly fulfills its wild spaces with manmade structures, canals, rice paddies, markets, villages, etc.

The country life in Red River Delta offers interesting scenarios that all tourists feel great to see and experience, of course. This region has been supported by many skilled craftsmen who specialized in an array of crafts, ranging from the production of conical hats and lacquerware, which are in traditional style. In the area, there stands Bat Trang Village where you find the famous authentic ceramics.

Though there are many books describing the life of the villagers in this delta, nothing can compare to your real experience and only the tourists can truly say if the delta can give them peace and refresh their minds. The agrarian communities are very friendly and they always promise to treat guests in the most decent way. Since these communities have long been surrounded by rice paddies, they provide a chance which enables you to stay away from the bustling city life and forget all of work pressures. The great sets of homes, pagodas, and communal buildings are for newcomers to learn various lessons of life and work.

If you’re in need of running away from the busy working life and stressful daily activities, a short excursion to Red River Delta tourist destination fulfills such a need. A complete exploration of the delta, a photographing chance of everything from rice planting to folk festivals and local activities add a new spice to your life perspectives. It’s inspired to snap any picture of any scene you wish. The ingredients of old villages, green trees, simply-built bridges, peaceful river, etc., help calm your mind.

The traditional and radical culture of Red River Delta will be undoubtedly worth learning and experiencing. So, let’s tour to this region if you’re ready to get immersed into the country life of the northern Vietnam. And if you can set foot on the delta one day, do remember to record your stay with the best photos and lasting memory ever.

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