Enjoying romantic beauty of Tam Dao in the Autumn

Nga Do
Tam Dao has mysterious scenery with mountains, plants, flowers, cool weather and clouds that grab at people in a peaceful morning or immense evening.

Enjoying romantic beauty of Tam Dao in the Autumn
Photo by Bùi Thụy Đào Nguyên
Tourist attractions 

The beautiful place in Vinh Phuc you should go is three-mountain system looming in the cloud – Tam Dao. This place attracts visitors because its beauty is wild, mysterious and quiet with mountains, plants, flowers and beautiful villas built in the French style. In Tam Dao, the weather is special. A day has 4 reasons: spring, summer, autumn and winter. Flowers bloom in the morning, weather is cozy in the midday, and turns cold a little bit in the afternoon. In the evening, it will be quite cold and you have to wear warm clothes.

Advices for you when going to Tam Dao: 

For hotels, accommodations: there are a lot of hotels in Tam Dao, so you only need to choose an accommodation with the standards: clean and beautiful view.

For sightseeing: In all tourist attractions in Tam Dao, you can skip television tower because it is in quite high position so you will have to lose strength, and there is nothing for you to discover but television tower. For Heaven Gate, when you come to the place that tour guide tell you, you should go 3 more km, the view will be more beautiful. Or you can go 15 more km in mountain road to discover Dong Co temple (alternative name of Dia Nguc Tu).

For climbing clothes: you should wear shorts or trousers and colorful T-shirts (orange, red) to take photos. You also can take two different shoes or sandals. High heels are for taking photos and short heels, sneakers are for climbing mountain. Let remember bringing thin overcoat for summer and autumn, and thick overcoat for winter and spring.

Eating and drinking: you should eat in the food stalls. The food in these stalls is as delicious as in other restaurants and the price is cheaper, too. Some dishes you cannot miss are “thèo”fish, “trôi sông” fish and other ones living in stream. They come with rice cooked in earthenware pot, chayote, stir-fried saffron flower. A portion is from 25,000 to 50,000 VND.

Dai Lai lake is the second famous destination in Vinh Phuc. It attracts vistiors because of the picturesque beauty of immense blue lake hiding in the forest stretches as far as the eye can see, natural valleys, sides of hills and ravines. Dai Lai is suitable for visitors going here to relax or discover new places.

Thien Vien Truc Lam Tay Thien is located in the top of a hill having an area of 4.5 hectare. It is the third destination in Vinh Phuc. It is not only one of three biggest monastery in Vietnam, but also attracts visitors because of its beauty. The monastery hide in cloud, pine forest and Ba Vi mountain, and Tam Dao.

Vinh Phuc alsograbs at travelers by Huong Canh pottery village belonging to Binh Xuyen District and Binh Son tower in Binh Son hamlet, Tam Son, Lap Thach. Huong Chanh pottery village is an unique herritage in Ly – Tran era that is preserved until now.

Tam Dao’s natural landscapes are extremely majestic  and romantic with beautiful view of high mountains & rain forests in the middle of  flying clouds & fogs here & there along with fresh air. Tam Dao could be a right choice for your short vacations to enjoy natural beauty of mountains & rain forests and pleasant climate & peaceful nature to avoid the bustle & hustle of big city

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