Discovering the scenic beauty of Moc Chau Plateau

Nga Do
Spring is the best time to visit Moc Chau Plateau when its mountain slopes are dotted with white mustard flowers, purplish peach blossoms and green tea hills in the warm breeze.

At an altitude of over 1,000 meters, Moc Chau Plateau is in flowered throughout the year.

However, Spring is the best time to admire the stunning beauty of Moc Chau Plateau when the white plum blossom cover many hills and valleys in the land making it extremely attractive and lovely.

Amid the vast blue sky over the cool, windy plateau, gardens of peach trees show their pure pink flowers that cover the small hamlets, on the mountain sides and in the valleys.

The plateau is a favourite spot for amateur photographers to snap photos or young lovers to spend their honeymoon. 

The fields and hills in Moc Chau are covered by the pristine yellow of mustard flowers.

This land not only has white mustard flowers but also beautiful green tea hills. When the sun rises, every young green tea leaves are shimmering with tiny dew drops as beautiful crystal. 

Vacationers also have the opportunity to understand traditions and unique cultural beauty of the minority people here. 

Discovering the scenic beauty of Moc Chau Plateau 8

The rich collection of colorful costumes.

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