Discover the beauty of Halong Bay from above on seaplanes

Nga Do
Located in the central area of Quang Ninh (Quảng Ninh) province, Vietnam (Việt Nam), Halong (Hạ Long) Bay is a popular tourist destination for travelers, domestic and international. This place is well-known for the magnificent views of the islands, caves, majestic mountains, and in order to admire the whole scenery of the dreamlike Halong, you should experience a whole new perspective from above. 

Discover the beauty of Halong Bay from above on seaplanes 1

Hai Au (Hải Âu) Airlines has officially opened the seaplane service for tours of sightseeing Ha Long Bay. Two seaplanes of Cessna Grand Caravan EX have been in Vietnam for the first time. These seaplanes was produced by Cessna company belonged to Textron Group. With spacious windows, passengers can easily contemplate the panoramic view and record beautiful moments through the perspective from above. You will have a chance to experience the flight from Hanoi to Halong that allows you to see the bay at an altitude of 500 - 3000m in compared to the sea level. 

This is the latest and most modern type of seaplane of America, with 2 seats for drivers and 12 seats for passengers, flight speed of about 300km / h, a capability of taking off and landing both on the ground and the water. Instead of having to sit 3-4 hours in the car from Hanoi to Halong and sightseeing on the ships and boats running around the bay, with the Cessna Grand Caravan aircraft EX seaplane, it just takes 30 minutes for tourists to enjoy this panoramic world natural heritage from above. The large windows of the seaplane allow passengers to comfortably record the memorable moments while flying over some famous landmarks such as Cát Bà (Hải Phòng) or Tam Đảo (Vĩnh Phúc) during the journey from Hanoi (Hà Nội) to Halong. The feeling when the seaplane takes off and lands on the water is also special, creating an exciting feature for each itinerary.

Discover the beauty of Halong Bay from above on seaplanes 2

Sometimes, the seaplane goes round a bend, the passengers will clearly feel the seaplane tilts to one side, circles over the island. The feeling is very smooth, not shaking. This seaplane lands / takes off quite more smoothly, gently than a conventional aircraft. With the cruise on the surface of the bay, the seaplane starts to move after passengers have stabilized their seats. Every day, there will be 1-3 round-trip flights from Hanoi to Halong and 5-10 scenic flights for sightseeing the bay. There are three journeys for tourists to choose from: from the Noi Bai International Airport to Tuan Chau (Tuần Châu) and vice versa (flight time of 30 minutes); departing from Tuan Chau (Tuần Châu) to discover Halong Bay (flight time of 25 minutes). 

A trip lasting about 1 hour will give you a whole new experience that you just want to click the camera continuously. Instead of admiring the scenic Halong Bay on traditional boats running around the bay, now you can enjoy the panoramic view of this world heritage site from above thanks to the seaplanes. One interesting feature of this new service is that you can comfortably use your phone and surf Facebook, etc.

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