A vegetarian restaurant in Saigon

Nga Do
Apart from serving coffee, Cay Sau restaurant is a perfect place for those wishing to enjoy a variety of vegetarian dishes.

Located at 172 Thich Quang Duc Street in Phu Nhuan District, HCMC, the eatery has an open and peaceful space replete with green trees and wooden furniture. On the menu are over 100 vegetarian dishes and 120 drinks. These dishes are made from vegetables grown in Dalat City.

A vegetarian restaurant in Saigon

Some familiar dishes include cha gio (spring rolls), dau hu chien gion (deep fried tofu), bun thai (Thai rice noodles), sup hat sen (lotus seed soup), and sup bong cai (broccoli soup). Guests can also order dishes such as com chien bat buu (eight-color fried rice), com chien hat sen (lotus seed fried rice), canh bi do (pumpkin soup), and canh rong bien (seaweed soup).

Diners can enjoy different types of drinks such as ice yogurt, smoothies, Lipton iced tea with milk, and hot Lipton tea at a price of around VND30,000 per glass. The restaurant provides a friendly space for guests to enjoy Bolero music on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday every week. Buffets will be put on weekly on Saturday.

In addition, the restaurant has a playground for kids and professional childcare staff are available for help. Thanks to this, parents can feel comfortable and secure to enjoy delicious dishes and chat with friends without having to worry about their children.

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