10 places to see in Vietnam before you die

Nga Do
These are the iconic images ingrained in every Vietnamese mind— the places, signs, and monuments that represent the best of what the country is all about.

Sapa is famous for its rugged mountain scenery and cultural diversity. One of the distinctive features is Love Market where young couples often gather to sing and dance together.

10 places to see in Vietnam before you die
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If anything captures the ethnos of Vietnam it’s the Binh Lieu district of Quang Ninh province, popular for its terraced fields, mountain ranges, waterfalls and small gorgeous ethnic villages. 

At Ba Vi National Park, visitors can explore hidden mountain caves, stroll through splendid orchid gardens or tour ancient churches and other relics from the French colonial period.

Nature has endowed Ninh Binh with magnificent green mountains and blue water. The Trang An Eco-tourism Site is a mecca for those who enjoy a great ‘outdoor geological museum.’

Son Doong Cave in the central province of Quang Binh has been recognized as the largest anywhere in the world by three international organizations –  Guinness, the Association World Record, and WorldKings. 

Hoi An ancient town is a a well-preserved aesthetic trading port dating back to the 15th century with a unique blend of Vietnamese, Japanese, and Chinese architecture and culture.

Quy Nhon is the iconic coastal city home of poet Han Mac Tu. And is well known for its traditional food of banh beo (steamed rice cake), banh xeo (fried pancake) and rice porridge. 

The coastal central province of Phu Yen has breath-taking scenic beauty, which has gained fame as the set for the recent hit movie "Toi thay hoa vang tren co xanh" (Yellow Flowers on the Green Grass).

Da Lat a/k/a the city of eternal spring, the city of flowers or the city of love, is a kaleidoscopic of colour and flowers perfect for those seeking a cool relaxing respite from the mostly year-round hot weather in Vietnam. 

Can Tho has preserved the old-fashioned glory of Vietnam best known for it’s Mekong Delta floating fruit and vegetable markets in Cai Rang, Can Tho, Cai Be and Phung Hiep.

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