10 hot Honeymoon tour destinations in Vietnam

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10 famous honeymoon destinations in Vienam, you can spend your honemoon at a lovely beach like Nha Trang, Muine, at an island like Monkey Island CatBa, Tuan Chau island... on a boat cruise in Halong bay or at a cool climate and beautiful sighseeing in Sapa, Dalat...

10 hot Honeymoon tour destinations in Vietnam
Photo by Le Anh Tuan
1. Ha Long bay - Quang Ninh

Halong Bay is like a giant picture wearing extremely lively in which art works beautiful, talented of the Creator has made thousands of islands senseless silence became sculptures , painting with all shapes flawless grace, beauty that has attracted a lot of visitors, especially couples prepare to family life. This is an opportunity for young couple together enjoying a romantic dinner, bathed in the blue water of the sea, or explore the sedimentary rocks of the most beautiful caves of Ha Long Bay, especially with the young couple opportunity to give each other the most passionate love.

Come to Cat Ba, you will be kayaking on the pure waters, rolling waves, mountain scenic Lan Ha Bay with hundreds of small islands bobbing or you can lie on the couch enjoying the beach fresh air, the cool sea ...

Fall in Lan Ha Bay always give you the best moments with the cool breeze of the ocean, with gentle sunshine during the day and especially at night, you can sit on the beach enjoy a glass of wine under the moonlight exotic collection of Lan Ha Bay.

10 hot Honeymoon tour destinations in Vietnam 1
Photo by quandao
3. Tam Dao - Vinh Phuc

Above town green and peaceful. For busy couples, do not have much time, the Tam Dao is the ideal choice to enjoy a peaceful time together. Not many attractions, but the service is not crowded town scene between clouds, fog of Tam Dao enough for you and him forget all worries and fully enjoy a short honeymoon period, but happy.

10 hot Honeymoon tour destinations in Vietnam 2
Photo by Kenznguyen
4. Sapa - Lao Cai

Only blowers, if carefully contemplate will feel wonderful, shimmering illusion of "white chiffon panels" forget the mountains around his back, drifted in space or time swooping down with someone like tangerine wrap palpable, they are in the hands ...

Adventure Tours for married couples, there has been another fascinating destination is always the best.

Nightfall, a cold shoulder, the flame was lit by the fire, just only 1 glass of champagne, cold Sapa sweeter than ever. Love also lit up from that cold outside, the flowers are cheering Tigon ... early morning dew trellised, drifted far side window, inviting a new experience, to love the site more ... sun, driving up the mountain clouds, brilliant sunshine, pure sky, fresh air, love life ... Just add a motorcycle, the couple can marry into the wound, each low hill, a little adventure like love, and the camera will prove to love Sapa, Sapa nature, your honeymoon begins here and ever after anymore ....

5. Ba Na - Da Nang

Ba Na a visit - thousands of times to remember, it's true grandeur of nature, wild character of the mountains, looks pristine, fresh climate ... as a guide to help great feeling to be promoted flowers, add salt concentration for love ... Besides Cham Island is a highlight of this program, nature has created in many Cham poetic beauty, rarity status as streams, springs He, Hon Chong, Hon Dry Cave She ... Mr. Ven island's beach, beach Bim, Bai Chong, Bai Bac ideal beaches with very white sand and blue water, cool. And you two together especially scenic colorful corals and enjoy the natural beauty of this place. Just that much would probably be enough to inspire you and your partner have interesting experiences in the early days of marriage

10 hot Honeymoon tour destinations in Vietnam 3
Photo by vitieubao
6. Mui Ne - Phan Thiet

You will have an unforgettable memory of your honeymoon with your partner when the sun catch up on the beautiful sand dunes. Soak up the spectacular natural scenery but very romantic with sandy beaches stretching seemingly endless and unforgettable memories of your honeymoon. Let's take souvenir photos for honeymoon here and discover the mysteries of nature. Great trip with his mate enjoy peaceful moments of happiness together.

7. Nha Trang - Khanh Hoa

Referring to Nha Trang surely none stranger to famous tourist destinations of this, and maybe you've come here many times before! But this place is still the first choice of the couple for their honeymoon trip. For simplicity here have swirled white sand beach and blue sea waves mellow and sweet. To add flavor to the love you make together watching the beach and enjoy the sunset meal in the light pink mistress before returning to the room with fresh rose petal filled with the good wishes ....... You will there are moments of romance and the most soothing luxurious honeymoon full of happiness

8. Da Lat - Lam Dong

Dalat is hidden in the fog at dawn, with a unique charm, magic. At this point, you immerse yourself in the cool air all year round. Sitting in the panoramic cable car in Da Lat, looming in the distance church steeple rising above the red tile roofs. Prenn winding, breathtaking water or sparkling silver Tuyen Lam lake, mountain Langbian, a symbol of great love. By Truc Lam, in pure space, faintly of pine pollen, such as bells drown out the further implications unreal. Conquering the summit Langbian pride for those who come to the city of Plateau it. Da Lat is to step into the realm of myth and flowers, humming Langbian gentle invitation ...

10 hot Honeymoon tour destinations in Vietnam 4
Photo by quangle
9. Phu Quoc - Kien Giang

Phu Quoc island's wonders, is blessed with a special place, a tropical monsoon climate, is located in the Gulf of Thailand, should be less affected by the disaster. Because of climatic conditions has brought to Phu Quoc an invaluable resource as jungle, with many rare animals and plants. And especially, all forest ecosystems in Vietnam are available in Phu Quoc. Phu Quoc National Forest as a unique museum in Vietnam. By visiting Phu Quoc national park, next to the understanding of many animals named in the list of endangered species such as wolves, monkeys white ... Visitors can also spring, river bathing, and climbing, hang up in the forest observing the lives of wild animals

10. Con Dao - Ba Ria Vung Tau

Con Dao capital carrying the wild beauty intact with fine white sandy beaches, turquoise waters, brilliant coral reefs colorful, vast forests ... and even covered vestiges history demonstrates a heroic struggle of the nation.

Con Dao, perhaps none is more interesting to explore the world ocean, admire the colorful reef stretched for kilometers and harmony into the world of the dolphins were playing kick up on the water. When low tide, you will see the color of many species of sea snail on rock holding her was fantastic. He wandered in the woods or right, enjoy the tropical rainforest stretches over low hills with many valuable timber species hundred years old, listening to the birds chirping on the branches creating natural picture to life dongdu Con schedule Island in the fall of the year, you will also feel the amazing beauty of the island intact dubbed "Paradise by the Sea" and share their joy with the dolphins, sea turtles toying self in the natural environment due to their safety.

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