Vietnamese street food through the lens of foreigner

Nga Do
Under the lens of foreign photographers who love cuisine, Vietnamese street food appears simple yet very attractive. Let’s have a look at the best photos of Vietnamese street food on reputed travel magazines and cuisine blogs.

In the eyes of American photographer Michael Housewright, Vietnamese cuisine is mesmerizing good. It makes her fall in love with this country.

Salad and spices are integral parts of Vietnamese cuisine.

Image of Green market in Hoi An captured by Matthew King on his vacation.

A small corner in Dong Xuan market.

Traditional sweet soup.

Vietnamese style of drinking beer. Local people love to enjoy their beers on pavements, not in luxury restaurants.

A part of local market, sell dozens of eye-catching sweets and dried fruit.

Grilled skewers explode with color.

Cha-coal grilled sweet potato and sweet corn in Dalat night market.

The following are some honored Vietnamese dishes

Marinated pork grilled on bamboo stick – the delicious food that was selected by CNN as one of 25 world’s attractive dishes. 

A station of crispy spring roll and grilled meat vermicelli in full operation.

Vietnamese coffee is always on the top of must-try drink when foreigners visit Vietnam.

Beef flat noodle soup is ranked among the nation’s most authentic by the New York Times.

Vietnamese sandwich – another food that is named in top most delicious street food in the world by American National Geographic magazine.

Wrapped sticky rice packages – lovely rice with a savory-meaty filling wrapped in banana leaves. This is one of most breathtaking dishes in the world in a competition at International Street Food Festival 2013 in Singapore.

More and more food tours have been organized by travel companies which help tourists experience the uniqueness of street food in Vietnam.

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