Vietnam Holiday To See Ravishing Places

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The ravishing beaches, amazing places and fascinating people of Vietnam are attracting tourists from outside countries to enjoy the charming scenery and magic beauties of nature. Once it was a war-torn country, but now it has evolved into a safe and thriving place stuffed with historic cities, elegant French style architecture, upper class shopping malls, exclusive restaurants, stylish boutiques and cafes, and countless iconic natural sight. Today tourism in Vietnam is a significant component of the modern Vietnamese economy. This country provides everything for visitor that is convenient for them for which number of visitors from outside countries is getting fascinated to travel to Vietnam.

Vietnam Holiday To See Ravishing Places
Photo by Giang A Phon
The north of Vietnam, namely Mai Chau, Mu Cang Chai, Sapa, Y Ty, Bac Ha, Ha Giang, Ba Be lake, Ban Gioc waterfall are destinations for adventure and discovery. All of those are truly charming with sparking brightness and various shaped stalactites and stalagmites.

Mentioning the famous beaches of the central, people will think about Cua Lo at first and it has long been a familiar destination for many domestic and foreign tourists, especially during the long holidays. During Vietnam Holidays, visitors will have the chance to enjoy the wonderful and pleasing scenery with the sunshine and blue water that makes you feel overwhelming and satisfying.

If you get up early and watch the dawn on Thuan-An beach, visitors will admire the natural beauty there. When the morning is just dawning, it seems that the sun’s rays are waked after nice sleep. At sunset, you can watch the blazing sun setting gradually at the horizon and enjoy the stunning beauty of nature. There visitors should go barefoot on the white sand and feel the fresh air.

If you have a chance to visit Hue, you should see Lang Co beach where is known as “the beautiful fishing village”. Indeed, many visitors will immerse the charming scenery at Co To and you will admire that Lang Co is more beautiful more than paintings. This is a beach with gently sloping beach, white sand, big waves well suited for the type of beach tourism, resort, scuba diving.

My-Khe-beach in DaNang is always busy and crowed because this is the beach that both domestic and foreign tourists immensely preferred. It is famous for white sand, soft waves, warm water all around the year and romantic coconut trees. Moreover, due to the sloping shore, visitors can go for swimming, relax and see the majestic Marble Mountain & Cham.

In hot days, tourists will have the chance to immerse in cool water, enjoy the comfort and avoid the stress, fatigue. Furthermore, the beach with tremendous space will bring visitors the peaceful feeling. You can enjoy your trip by taking part in many of sport games: volleyball, football, basketball, even play with sand, with waves, with wind.

Visitors will have the chance to try delicious traditional dishes of Quang Tri people such as: Khoái Cake, Mai Xa oyster vermicelli, Quang Tri porridge. Moreover, the services are quite development with plenty of fine and affordable restaurants where travellers are always welcomed with thoughtful, enthusiastic attitude of Vietnamese people.

Thousands of colourful flowers of different varieties are in full bloom around HoanKiem Lake, signalling a new spring has arrived.  A beautiful seascape set amidst rocky limestone cliffs, Halong Bay attracts throngs of tourists and locals alike. Halong Bay is one of those stunning places that boast an overwhelming atmosphere and wide array of natural sight and imaginary attractions.

Beyond the natural beauty, brave history and rich mixture of colonial heritage, there are many more intriguing stories and legends about Vietnam for you to discover.

The Unseen Hanoi bike tour is strongly recommended, and is a great way to explore the little alleys of Hanoi and see them within a cultural or historical context. Hue will say, “hello” to you by one beautiful morning, the sun is like a red ball and the clean sky without clouds. The morning in Hue is so quiet and peaceful. In Hue, all the things are small and lovely, the roads, the bridges, the bowl to take food in, and even the girls are also “small and lovely” too.

Let us know about your planning to visit this wonderful country. The members of Vietnam Typical Tours are always ready to provide their best services to the visitors with great pleasure.

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