Unique sculptures from bamboo’s root in Hoi An

Nga Do
The bamboo sculptors Do Huynh Phuong in Hoi An completely made the foreign media admire at his talented hand.

Unique sculptures from bamboo’s root in Hoi An 1

Romanian newspaper has just released an article about the charming and unique beauty of sculptures on the bamboo’s root of the sculptors Do Huynh Phuong. His artistic career began accidentally. Mr. Do Huynh Phuong accessed to wood carving from the age of 15. However, his job was not favorable because there are a lot of artisans and talented sculptors in Hoi An, the land is well-known as Bamboo Village of Vietnam.

And one day, about 7 years ago, his life changed when a flood from upstream of Thu Bon river swept many bamboo’s roots to the river bank in front of his house. As soon as he saw these root,  the idea of creating sculptures from bamboo’s root suddenly came to his mind. He totally did not realize that it was just the first step for his successful artistic career in the future. Up to now, he has a gallery displaying the sculptures of his heart. The tourists could admire his “brain-children” at more than 20 souvenir shops around Hoi An ancient town.

Unique sculptures from bamboo’s root in Hoi An 2

He devoted his time to create the most truthful works in the human shape and produce 200-300 sculptures every month to meet the big demand of tourists. In recent days, the bamboos’ roots have not followed the stream and drifted to in front of his house any more. Thus, he is supposed to find them in nearby forests.

The artisan Do Huynh Phuong had to use bulldozer and excavator to get the roots of bamboo from under ground. Then he washed and dried them up before bringing the souls into the works. The other artisans said that Mr.Phuong get several difficulties in turning lifeless stumps into a unique art works at first. Then, he came to Kim Dong, a popular wood carving village to learn from elderly artisans for many years and finally, he achieved what he needed.

Unique sculptures from bamboo’s root in Hoi An 3

Mr. Do Huynh Phuong not only creates the sculptures of the gods and Buddhas but also sculpts the face of customers on the roots. This is one of his special skills in order to better serve customers, meeting their demands and tastes.

Sculpted by the hand of Mr.Do Huynh Phuong, each bamboo’s root becomes an exclusive work of art. He is very skillful in using the roots for beard, eyebrows and hair for the masterpieces, making them more lively.

You ever heard about ancient town, colorful lanterns and delicious food in Hoi An? And now you knew that Hoi An has more than you expect.

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