Tramcar tour around largest flower village in western region

Nga Do
Low-cost tramcar service is provided for visitors to go around Sa Dec flower village to enjoy seeing different kinds of ornamental plants and flowers in full bloom.

Sa Dec is the biggest flower city in the western region supplying ornamental plants and flowers for Lunar New Year or Tet.

This year’s Mekong Delta Tourism Week is held by Sa Dec on January 7-14 with a highlight of Tan Quy Dong flower village.

A low-cost tramcar service has been provided for visitors to go around the 20ha Sa Dec flower village.

Tourists buy flowers and consult florists about ornamental plant caring techniques and tips to make cut flowers last longer.

Small flower pots

A colourful flower trellis

Bamboo huts for visitors to relax.

Daisies are much favoured by customers.

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