Suoi Voi – the hidden natural beauty of Hue

Nga Do
Mentioning about Hue, people may immediately think of an imperial city with a lot of historical relics, the magnificent Forbidden City, and a number of mysterious mausoleums of the Nguyen Dynasty. However, it is the established thinking, though.

Traveling a little bit further to the surrounding areas of Hue, a totally different world with breath-taking scenery, fresh air and fascinating natural creatures is displayed. A prime example for the beauty is SuoiVoi (Elephant Spring), which is hidden away in Loc Tien Commune, Phu Loc District.

The attraction is located 60km from the inner of Hue, 40km from Da Nang city, and be the most suitable for a day trip. Although it is called a spring, SuoiVoi is more like a network of pure springs, boulders, mountains and jungle, which are in combination to create a natural wonder. The fresh and clear water easily allure tourists to jump into and swim as soon as arriving, especially on a hot day of summer, while the big rocks here are too good for a full stretch to enjoy the sunshine.

The most mysterious and also the highlight of the attraction is a big rock shaped like a giant elephant with a long trunk. According to legend, in a spring, when the weather was warm, hundreds of elephant from Bach Ma Mountain came to this stream to find cassava shrubs and other foods. Oddly, they only visited this one season and never come back. The elephants left their marks in the shape of large holes surrounding the spring, which over time filled with water to become small pools.

Coming to Hue, visiting SuoiVoi, tourists can enjoy accommodation at bamboo huts built by local people on the two sides of the stream, appreciating the natural soundtrack and the idyllic scene.

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