Spring Calligraphy Festival held in Hanoi

Nga Do
The 2017 Spring Calligraphy Festival officially opened at Literature Lake (Ho Van) at Van Mieu–Quoc Tu Giam (the Temple of Literature) in Hanoi on January 21.

This year’s event, lasting until February 11, comprises two main activities: a calligraphy exhibition and calligraphy writing activities on the first days of the Lunar New Year.

The exhibition, themed Ton su trong dao (“Respect the Teacher, Value Morality”), features nealry 30 calligraphy works that were selected from over 70 submitted from dozens of calligraphy clubs in Hanoi.

The exhibits were composed under a variety of materials in a variety of styles, recording famous sayings, lines of poetry, proverbs and folk verses featuring the tradition of respecting the teacher and valuing morality over the historical eras.

According to the Deputy Director of Hanoi’s Culture and Sports, the exhibition not only aims to educate younger generations to preserve and promote the beautiful traditions of the nation, but also to contribute to helping the public to better enjoy calligraphy.

At the opening ceremony, the organising board presented two first, two second and two consolation prizes to calligraphers having the most outstanding works at the exhibition.

In addition, many cultural activities introducing the value of Vietnamese traditional folk culture will also be held during the festival such as a reproduction of an ancient house in the South’s villages, an area used to display products from trade villages in Hanoi and an area for folk paintings.

From the night of January 27 (New Year’s Eve) to January 29 (the second day of the first Lunar month), calligraphers will write and sell calligraphy for Tet as requested by visitors.

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