Pu Luong – A piece of serenity

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In the rush and crush of modern urban life, the rarities are what we most valued, such as space, silence and time. Some tranquil zones to breathe, some spare time to daydream. You could find these gems in the wilderness of Pu Luong Nature Reserve, where the rice terraces are plenty and the people are few.

Pu Luong – A piece of serenity
Photo by TuanAnhNgo
Things you need to know

Pu Luong Nature Reserve is roughly 170km from Hanoi. Being a nature reserve with a total area of over 17500 ha, the major part of the zone is tropical forests. This is also the habitat of Muong and Thai ethics. The name Pu Luong means the highest peak of the village in the language of Thai people. This unspoiled foggy place is just perfect for a getaway from the city’s hustle and bustle.

The best time to visit Pu Luong is from September to November or February until May, when the rice terraced fields on the hillside begin to turn gold, making the original lush green terraces more vibrant and mesmerizing. However, you could come to this year-round destination anytime to escape to nature, to feel the mystery of the forests, to feel the water of the rivers on one’s feet and enjoy the sound of the wind in the trees.

Wilderness trekking in Pu Luong

Lately, Pu Luong becomes known as an amazing destination for a short getaway trip from Hanoi. Trekking in the forest and walking pass by long rice paddy fields not only refresh and relax your mind but also frees the spirit. You could also cycle around the area and visit unique remote villages in the valleys. Make friend with local villagers, have a cup of tea and joining on a dance after dinner with these friendly people. Spending your time in nature to detox your body, lower blood pressure, and brighten your overall mood. Thus, Pu Luong is one of “off the beaten path” destinations nearby the bustling capital city which are highly recommended by wanderlust travelers.

Retreat to an authentic resort

Nowadays, luxury resorts are available throughout Vietnam and are becoming a popular way to spend holidays. However, many travelers have chosen Pu Luong Retreat as they prefer a more authentic approach, seeking smaller bungalows that offer fewer amenities and are usually located far from the city. Pu Luong Retreat has 8 lovely bungalows with a gorgeous view built adjacent to the edge of terraces. Every rise in the morning, you will be wowed by the landscapes, the foggy clouds as well as the magnificent sunrise from the far away mountains.

There is one special thing that in Pu Luong Retreat, power consumption and modern devices such as television, refrigerator, air conditioning are not available. This will ensure there is a quiet retreat and completely escape from the tiring modern life to really blend in with the surrounding nature. Here you could take part in many interesting activities such as kayaking on the streams, bamboo rafting, trekking through the traditional villages and terraced fields, take some photographs at the giant waterwheel, or visit natural waterfalls and caves. In addition, one of the most popular places in Pu Luong Retreat is an “infinity” swimming pool. Not to mention the ravishing view, this natural pool is a spot to get in tune with your inner thoughts, to do some deep pondering and then wash your worries away. It is as crucial about cleansing your spirit as it is cleaning the body.

A pristine place for those souls seeking for a completely carefree escape among nature. If you are in Northern Vietnam, don’t miss a chance to visit blissful Pu Luong.

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