Pu Luong, a new destination of Thanh Hoa

Nga Do
Thanh Hoa is not only famous for Fairy fish Stream, Ho Citadel but also well-known for Pu Luong – a romantic and pristine destination of tropical land.

The pristine beauty and fresh air of Pu Luong is the most attractive invitation for everyone who likes exploring.

Means of transport to Pu Luong

To travel to Pu Luong, you can depart from Ha Noi to Ban Lac (Mai Chau), Co Luong, Dong Dieng and turn left at Highway 15C then you will reach Pu Luong.

Or you can follow Lang Hoa Lac, Xuan Mai then Ho Chi Minh Path to Cam Thuy (Thanh Hoa). You will have the chance to pass Cuc Phuong Forest with convenient road. Keeping going to Canh Nang Town, Highway 15C and you will reach Thanh Hoa.

Explore the gorgeousness of Thanh land

Pu Luong appears in front of you with fantastic terraced fields, cool air and beautiful scenes that Sa Pa and Tam Dao can’t have. Coming to Pu Luong, you will feel free to enjoy the best natural scene with small houses, clouds and sunlight. Especially, in rice season, you can contemplate the fields with the smell of rice.

Because it is still pristine, Pu Luong is suitable for relaxing more than teambuilding. Coming to Pu Luong, you can try to bamboo raft on the river, explore the giant water wheel and take photos with terraced fields.

Whoever likes adventures, conquering Pu Luong Mount is an interesting activity. Despite tough road, the thought and the feeling of conquering Pu Luong Mount will inspire you. If time allowed, you should visit around and learn more about the culture and custom here.

In the evening, you can walk around the resort or participate in the local activities. Or you can go camping, dancing and singing, drinking wine by the fire camp.

In the morning, wake up early and enjoy the fresh air, the smell of rice and forest, mountain.

To have a joyful trip, you should remember: Never go alone. The road to Pu Luong is very tough, you should go with someone to help each other. If you stay in Pu Luong Retreat, you should book room in advance and bring food with you to make sure that there is room for you. And don’t forget to bring camera to record the good time.

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