Phan Thiet: the Culture, the Beach, and the Desert

Nga Do
The province, which is named Phan Thiet is harmonized with the great nature and the humanity of Vietnam. The Pacific ocean and the beach welcome you in front of your face, but there is a beautiful desert behind your back, makes great scenery.

On the other side, you can see villages that are preserving their heritage which is a valuable resource for archaeologists and historians.

Phan Thiet: the Culture, the Beach, and the Desert
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Phan Thiet

This beautiful province is located in the South of Vietnam, 168 km away from Saigon in the straight-line distance. This area used to belong to the ancient Champa Kingdom, but it was absorbed by the country which was going to be Vietnam in the future. Due to its various geographical characteristics and historical heritage, Phan Thiet has been an attractive province to travel. Especially, this is known for its great views of eclipse and twilight.

Cultural Heritage

Many villages in this province still have their traditional way of life, and historical things are well-preserved. There are exotic temples, ruins from the ancient era, and the school where the Uncle Ho Chi Minh studied. These are why archaeologists and historians also visit this place, not only tourists looking for fun and leisure.

The Beaches

Ke Ga

Ke Ga beach has shiny sands and crystal blue water as like other Vietnamese beaches do. However, what makes it attractive are; the beach is hidden, the great lighthouse, and real Vietnamese life. This beach is less known than other Vietnamese beaches, and you can enjoy the beach without hordes of tourists. Ke Ga lighthouse is the highest lighthouse around the province, so it has been a beautiful landmark of the beach. Also, you can see plenty of fishing boats, which are doing their job in a traditional way.

Co Thach

Co Thach beach is not really in Phan Thiet area, but they are almost connected each other. You can enjoy sand beaches in many other beaches in Vietnam, so a different type of beach is going to be introduced. Co Thach doesn’t have sandy beaches. Instead, it has beach of round rocks, and each of them has different colors. These rocks usually don’t have sharp edges, and rough surface because waves and winds have been carving them for thousands of years. Although is is going to be hard to enjoy activities for sandy beaches in this place, this beach is much more romantic.

Desert Mui Ne

It is surprising to know that Vietnam has a desert, even if it is small. This is Mui Ne Desert, and it really looks like Sahara which has perfect sand dunes. Once upon a time, this place used to be a jungle and had many species of animals. However, there has been desertification and deforestation due to the development. Realized the situation, Vietnam has been using this area as a natural tourism resource, not as development. With the effort, reptiles, that live in dry areas, can be found in Desert Mui Ne, and seven-colored Fairy Stream also has been preserved.

White Sand Dunes

‘White Sand Dunes’ is the best attraction of Mui Ne, and this is the reason why this area is called ‘desert’. You can enjoy a lot of activities such as surfing, quad biking, sliding, and so on. However, just watching it will be also a memorable experience. In addition, there are 3 lakes in the desert. The lakes are covered with lotus, so you can see white sand dunes next to plenty of lotus flowers if you get the right season.

If you want more extraordinary experience, visit this place at sunrise, and it will be stunning. Also, this can be a good choice to avoid other tourists, because this place has already commercialized. People know this place is really beautiful, will try to sell things, so don’t let them rip you off. It is suggested to haggle, or ignore them for your best experience.

Red Sand Dunes

‘Red Sand Dunes’ is a little brother of White Sand Dunes, but this place is wilder than it’s older brother. Rough plants settled on brown sands, and dust blows with the wind. It wouldn’t be your purpose of visiting Mui Ne, but good place to stop by, and look around. Like it’s brother, the best time to visit is sunrise. Also, try to not get ripped off by kids who are rending slides.

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