How To Know The Travel Tips For Vietnam?

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Vietnam is a great country with many beautiful destinations and attractive culture. You are planning a trip to a foreign country, especially, if it is the first time you come to Vietnam and everything in this country is still very new that makes you keep wondering and researching the information for your wonderful vacation. Therefore, you should spend some minutes looking at the following travel tips for Vietnam to get the best preparation for the experience trip.

Bring necessary items

In Vietnam, all of the necessary luggage and clothes can be easy to buy and relatively cheap prices compared to Western countries, so the first recommendation here is to bring as little as possible. And you should find out more information about the weather during some days you come to Vietnam to bring clothes be suitable. Besides, other helpful items to bring with your tour to Vietnam can be listed including a soft jacket or sweater for highlands tourist but it must ensure a suitable case to avoid overloading kilogram in the flight.

Next, you should accumulate more information about the culture in each of regions before travelling to these destinations. Otherwise, you can bring your mobile phone and travelling notebook to search more clearly the knowledge anytime you want. For instance, tourists coming to Sapa where is a rural area has many nations such as Hmong, Thai,…, so to respond the curiosity, they should review the information before travelling.

Additionally, foreigners going to Vietnam should bring the health care. Vietnam is developing healthcare system, almost of the hospitals are constructed with high quality and good service concentrate on big cities like Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. However, rural areas may encounter a variety of health risks and inadequate medical care. Therefore, if you visit the mountains and wild beaches such as Fansipan, Quan Lan island,… you need to bring the necessary. In additional, Vietnam has the typical weather of tropical monsoon climate so you should bring sun protection cream to avoid the sunshine.

Booking safe tour

Nowadays, booking the tour is more popular when travelling in Vietnam because tourists can overcome some scams based on the guide. No doubts, when checking the address of the hotel you have been taken to matches the one in your guide book or brochure. Actually, when tourists are booking tours, many companies don’t mention clear what services are included in a small fraction of what was noted on their itinerary. Many travellers have a mistake to book with a company which has “Fake” reputation of famous companies. Let’s find out more information on their website about the booking tour including the contract. And tourists need to ask the travel company both of trip and price. Moreover, you can receive the suggestions from your friend and recommendation from several famous sites and forums. For example, one of some prestigious sites in travelling is Tripadvisor. In addition, when you join a tour, you completely make the friendship with others together from the different countries. As a result, you may be safer during a trip and more motivated in next times.


As other countries, Vietnam creates a number of shopping malls such as Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City where you may find any brand name products. It would be preposterous to come to Vietnam and buy something available almost of districts in this country, so you completely choose authentic Vietnamese gifts to bring home for your family and friends. Therefore, they will be glad to get the souvenirs much more efficiency. But almost of foreigners traveling to Vietnam tend to buy the souvenirs in the local markets or handicraft villages.

We advise you should read the other article on Vietnamtypicaltours's website in order to choose the best souvenirs from Vietnam. Therefore, you almost know what goods you buy from Vietnam and where you can buy it. It is great that you own some traditional souvenirs with the quite reasonable price, example, silk, ceramic, painting and food. In Hanoi, there are hundreds of best goods which are special in Vietnam sold in Dong Xuan market; Ho Chi Minh has Ben Thanh market where you can find many things to buy.


As you know, the currency of Vietnam is “D” of “ VND” stood for  “ Dong” . Annually, a number of foreigners visiting Vietnam may come from many different countries, but I mention the most popular currencies are US dollars which are widely accepted at an exchange rate of around VND 22.700 per USD (it is able to change day by day), so don’t be freak out when the bar tag come along. It is one of the essential tips for travelling in Vietnam as many foreigners have some mistake currencies while they are paying money for the products. To avoid this problem, they should know the currency rate since sellers usually say the price of products following to Vietnamese money unit. It leads to travellers can end up with the wrong change. Especially, tourists need to be familiar with the appearance of Vietnamese money to avoid the mistake. For example, 20.000 VND is different a little bit with 500.000 VND. A second lesson is that tourist tries to have payment correct money and keeps the money out of their reach until you’re ready to hand it over.


Almost of foreigners visiting Vietnam want to travel by taxi because it is easy to call and safe for the trip, but the price is more expensive than other means of transportation. However, you mind getting a car of trustworthy brands such as Thanh Cong, Taxi Group, Mai Linh, Noi Bai taxi and so on. Better yet, you can visit the Tripadvisor which is the reputation page with many recommendations of a lot of experienced tourists. You will be guided more safe in the trip. Anyway, you can download the Grab and Uber taxi app to travell because of its high quality and reasonable price.

Besides, motorcycle-taxi or called “Xe Om” is also one of the most popular vehicles in Vietnam as it is cheaper than Taxi and also save time for you if travel during the traffic jam. It is easy to call motorcycle or Grab bike or Uber-motor, especially in the tourist destinations in Hanoi and HCM. However, it is has a problem with this transport. Clearly, customers suppose the cost going by motorbike offered a very high fee. Therefore, you should negotiate the price before going, or ensure the meter is in fact by checking the Google Map.

Vietnam Typical Tours hopes that the essential tips for travelling in Vietnam will help you more understand the information about Vietnam to get a safe and happy trip. Talk to us some problems met, we are willing to advise some tips for travellers.

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