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From the magnificent reaches of its rugged mountains to the spectacular rice fields carving out it many valleys and forests, Ha Giang is Vietnam’s dream destination. Steeped in ancient history and exuding a vibrant cultural flair, Ha Giang is an enticing draw for lovers of beautiful locales which have a tale to tell and is quickly becoming a popular tourist draw without losing the allure of its remoteness and tranquillity.

An Experience Like No Other

Its legendary landscape is truly stunning, flanked by the Lo and Mein Rivers, shadowed by the peaks of Tay Con Linh and Kien Lieu Thi, and intricately detailed with springs, valleys, forests, waterfalls and distinct limestone formations which comprise one of the world’s most diverse ecosystems with thousands of species of herb, bamboo, and other vegetation as well as several species of fauna – an irresistible lure for eco-trekkers and nature lovers alike. From casual hikes to intrepid escapades, it’s the perfect landscape for seeking that lifetime experience which is more than just taking a snapshot, but savouring a moment which will last forever.

Nestled in its picturesque valleys and fields are some of region’s most serene yet colourful towns and villages which have established a simple way of life, toiling with the land to reap a prosperous bounty. Visitors will not only have the unique opportunity to explore the landscape, but become a part of a warm and welcoming community as a part of an interesting home stay – an experience which transcends the conventional holiday and transforms it into a once-in-a-lifetime experience. An English-speaking guide will help you to understand the many customs and traditions of the culture so that you can engage directly with your social environment. Accommodation varies from cosy homes to solar-powered ecolodges, all located in stunning locations with magnificent views of the surrounding landscape.

The Dong Van Rocky Plateau Geopark – one of the most unique geological formations of its kind in the world – is sculpted from some of the oldest terrain in the region. Regal spectres forged from karsts dominate the skyline, the tombs of fossils up to 600 million years old. Its geological, environmental and historical heritage has set it apart from the rest of Asia; combined with its rice fields, it is the signature aspect of what makes Ha Giang one of the must-see tourist destinations of a lifetime.

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