Enjoy Vietnam’s traditional wine over the beautiful lands

Nga Do
Have you ever come to Vietnam and tried Vietnam’s traditional wine? When you have been pass through the Vietnam’s area what make you feel the most deeply impressed? In my oppinion, the best feeling about each land I’ve pass through is wine that is the sould of this land. So now I’ll show you some of my experiences about Vietnam’s traditional wines.

Coming the North Vietnam and have wine corn is the best emotion you have in your journey.  That is amazing when you sit beside the big wood fire in Bac Ha market in the Sapa winter, feeling smell the smoke from the wood fire, enjoy wine corn and see the girls in colorful traditional dress. At this moment, you will be groggy by the wine, people and atmosphere of this highland. I think you will find the peace, silence over your soul.

Do you know Can wine ( Rượu Cần) that is one of the specialty wine in the Highland? Can wine is fermentative in the jar / bottle / that is made by some ethnic minorities in Vietnam, not through distillation. When drinking, you need use a small bamboo like a straw for drink. So, when you come to the Central Highland of Vietnam, try to enjoy Can wine beside the sound of traditional instrucment musical and the waterfall, you will be deep inside the Highland’s mystery.

Sim wine ( rượu Sim) is a specialty of Phu Quoc island. When spring is coming, you will see the village women harvest the Sim fruit on the mountainside. Just inmage in your mind, the girls working flickersn in the dark purple of Sim lands, the sun is shining. This scene look like a beautiful paint picture. Moreover, enjoy a cup of Sim with a distinct aroma of Sim fruit, the taste is sweet and sour mix to hold visitors’s heart. Hence, enjoy wonderful beaches in Phu Quoc island and try Sim wine once time, you are never forget our beautiful Vietnam.

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