Discovering the homestay tourism in Ha Giang

Nga Do
Coming to Ha Giang, tourists not only visit the traveling sites but also have chance to experience the culture and custom of local people.

The tourism service is developing in many primary villages in Ha Giang, which creates jobs for the local people here. Cleaning and sweeping are the popular activities of the people in Chi Village, Quang Binh district that is one of the tourism plan here. 

There are 7 Tay ethnic minority families register the homestay tourism for the abroad tourists. A cooperative organization is held to receive visitors from the tourism companies and assign work for families. Mr Hoang Van Thu – The president of the cooperative organization said that the tourism service will become the main income and tourists coming here will enjoy the cuisine and local culture. If they enjoy the service, the local people will promote and main tain. 

Mr Vo Buu Uy, who has 20 years of tourism experiment, wants to transmit the business and communication skills for the local people. In the first time, there are just a few families holding homestay services, then this service is outbreak leading to the redundancy. He wants to develop the lasting tourism and keep the environment cleaning. 

Mr Vo Buu Uy also said that he wants to create the travel package for the benefit of the community. However, it’s difficult to call the local people attend the project, then creates the cleaning sanitary condition. The Cho Village destination is newly establish, although they welcome just a few tourists, they very the satisfied with the experience here. 

Mr David Grundy – one of the England tourist, said that many local people in the Northwest Viet Nam just regard tourists as the income, but the local people in Ha Giang is different, they regard tourists as their friends and they’re always friendly. 

Traveling to Ha Giang, tourist can attend the wedding or the daily work here, which creates the great memory and experience on the highland. 

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