Best Time for Motorbike Tour to Ha Giang, Vietnam

Nga Do
Ha Giang has become an attractive destination in Vietnam Travel. It is even better if you travel by motorbike. To have an ideal trip, you should now the best time for motorbike tour to Ha Giang. Ha Giang is one of the highest provinces in the North of Vietnam and is also the Northernmost of the country. It shares a 270-kilometer border with Yunnan Province of China, thus is known as Vietnam’s final frontier.

Ha Giang also owns many tourist attractions including Quan Ba Twin Mountain, Vuong family’s Maison, Lung Cu Flagpole, MeoVac, Dong Van karst field highland geopark, Ma Pi Leng Pass… There are many ways to explore the grandeur of nature as well the unique of culture, but a motorbike adventure will be the most interesting one. 

Motorcycling to Ha Giang, travellers can enjoy a real adventurous travel due to the craggy terrain there. But in exchange, adventurers can challenge themselves and conquer the nature in the highest mountainous region of Vietnam. In addition, the road to Ha Giang and its tourism districts has been improved in recent years that made the access to this remote area of Vietnam relatively much easier.

Ha Giang owns different beauties in different times of the year which allow tourists to contemplate the wonders of nature in the north of Vietnam. However, according to the experienced travellers, the best time for motorbike tour to Ha Giang is the ending of the years when the highlands are decorated by the beauty of endless yellow buckwheat flower fields. During 3 months from October to the end of December, travellers will have the chance to admire this fascinating charm when travelling to Ha Giang. Because the winter in this mountain area is quite cold with the temperature can be at -10⁰C in December, the October and the beginning of the November would be the best time to see the buckwheat flower season there. 

Another ideal time to take the motorcycle trip is the rice harvest of the locals. Come to Ha Giang at this time, tourists will be mesmerised by the glamour of vast yellow rice terraces beside the roads. Biking among such a picturesque landscape will be an unforgettable experience. The most beautiful crop in Ha Giang is in September and October when this region is in the autumn. Thus, the weather is very suitable for motorcycling and sightseeing. 

Pick your motorbike and travel to Ha Giang to have a stunning adventure in your lifetime!

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