A day to Cu Chi tunnel

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Cu Chi Tunnel is one of the interesting places to visit while traveling to Saigon in Vietnam. Cu Chi Tunnel is where Vietnamese hided and fought for more than 20 years. Cu Chi Tunnel is a complex of network tunnel which were dug by Vietnamese during the French and American wars. After the wars, Cu Chi Tunnel now is one of the stunning historical sites of Vietnam which would interest any travelers who visit Cu Chi Tunnel. It is about 60 kilometers from Saigon to Cu Chi Tunnel and it would take about one and a half hours to get to Cu Chi Tunnel from Saigon. Cu Chi Tunnel includes living places, medical rooms, meeting rooms, kitchen, and wells. Cu Chi Tunnel was used to be more than 200 kilometers long all together but today, just parts of Cu Chi Tunnel are reserved for travelers to visit while traveling to Vietnam. Cu Chi Tunnel is a great place to visit and Cu Chi Tunnel is wonderful opportunity to learn more about the wars and life of Vietnamese during the wars. Cu Chi Tunnel was the biggest, largest and most complicated resistance system of Vietnamese and the army.

A day to Cu Chi tunnel

Cu Chi Tunnel was built on the location with hard soil and the Tunnel was used to be called “land of steel” which means both hard soil and horrible front fields between Vietnamese and American during the war. CuChi Tunnel was the complex of different tunnel networks underground which was built during 1946 to 1948. During French war, people lived in Tan Phu Trung and Phuoc Vinh An Villages dug simply and short tunnels to hide weapons, food, documents. They made different systems of tunnels to prevent being found and destroyed by French. Each of villages dug their own tunnel system. Due to the need to moving from this village to another village, all the systems of tunnel were connect to one another and turn out to be complicated and massive tunnel systems. Cu Chi Tunnel was extended to six other villages at the West of Cu Chi District. Cu Chi Tunnel comprises many complicated structures, levels with different purposes: to keep weapon, for people to live, for soldiers.

From 1961 to 1965, the main system of CuChi Tunnel was completed and many small tunnel systems were developed to many all sides around Cu Chi Tunnel. In 1965, there were total of 200 kilometers of tunnels which were dug in Cu Chi Tunnel. There are three levels of tunnels at Cu Chi Tunnel. The top level is 3 meters underground. The second level is 6 meters deeps and the third level of Cu Chi Tunnel is 12 meters underground. At this time, Cu Chi Tunnel was not only the place to hide but Cu Chi Tunnel was also the place to live, fight, meeting and store weapons.

Cu Chi Tunnel was dug on the area of hard clay with stones which is really firm and hardly sliced. Cu Chi Tunnel was deep underground and could be safe from destruction of bombs and heavy weapons. The air was get into Cu Chi Tunnel through air ventilation systems which were disguised as termite nets which were carefully hidden in the bushes and forests. Different areas underground at CuChi Tunnel could be separated from one another if necessary. There many exits at Cu Chi Tunnel which were carefully covered and hidden. Some exits of CuChi Tunnel even get to Saigon River. The first park of Cu Chi Tunnel was at the side of the forests with a well to supply water to all people lived underground at Cu Chi Tunnel.

American had used many different ways to destroy Cu Chi Tunnel as spaying smoke into Cu Chi Tunnel, pumping water into Chi Tunnel but as it could be separated from one another therefore was not much damage to Cu Chi Tunnel during the war. American also used dogs to find the air ventilation systems but Vietnamese use chili powder or washing powder to prevent this. Today, around 120 kilometers of Cu Chi Tunnel are reserved as historical attraction for travelers visit Vietnam.

Saigon is the biggest and most crowded city in Vietnam and it take awhile for travelers to join Cu Chi Tunnel tour to get out of Saigon. Flowing busy traffic for most of the time then travelers would enjoy green countryside with rice fields and rubber plantations on the way to Cu Chi Tunnel. When arrive at CuChi Tunnel, travelers will have opportunity to experience and discover amazing tunnel systems at Chi Tunnel. During the wars, Vietnamese also set a lot of traps to fight again their enemy and now travelers who Cu Chi Tunnel tour will also experience those to see how Vietnamese used simple weapons and techniques to fight again modern weapons from America.

After discover traps with arrows made of wood and bamboo, travelers who join CuChi Tunnel Tour will also visit and explore some entrances and exits which were used by Vietnamese during the war. It is also exciting and interesting to see “fake” entrances which were created to trap their enemy. Travelers who join Cu Chi Tunnel tour will also visit places where Vietnamese made their weapons, clothes, rubber sandals from tires. Travelers will also visit meeting rooms, hospitals, commander rooms at CuChi Tunnel. There are also many air ventilation systems are well-kept for travelers to visit while taking Cu Chi Tunnel Tour. Travelers will also discover special techniques which Vietnamese used to build the kitchens which keep smoke stay low to prevent being seen by American from helicopters and fighter planes.

The most exciting, stunning, shocking parts for travelers who join CuChi Tunnel Tour is crawling into Chi Tunnel to experience real feeling and discover how Vietnamese lived underground for many years without sun light, not enough air, food, medicine. For travelers who really love to take adventure experiences for their tour to CuChi Tunnel can choose to crawl underground as long as possible. The most interesting part to visit Cu Chi Tunnel is just a few minutes underground; you can make an exit to a kitchen, medical rooms, meeting rooms or place to make weapons. 

In order to let travelers experience the war to appreciate the peace, Vietnamese government open a shooting range inside Cu Chi Tunnel which let travelers try AK47 – the most popular guns which were used by Vietnamese soldiers in the wars and until now, these are still being used by Vietnamese army. Travelers who join Cu Chi Tunnel Tour can try other guns like machine guns and M16 as well. Though wars have gone and Vietnamese live in peace but it is truly worth to see Chi Tunnel to learn more about Vietnamese and their history, life as well as their culture. Cu Chi Tunnel Tour is one of the great tours to join for travelers visiting Saigon in Vietnam. Especially, those who like to discover history of wars in Vietnam, Cu Chi Tunnel is the right choice while traveling to Vietnam. Spend a day to visit Cu Chi Tunnel will enrich your mind and gain great experience for your holiday in Vietnam.

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