7 unique islands of Vietnam named after animals

Nga Do
Many islands around the globe derive their name from geographical formations, birds, sea creatures, holidays or other animals. Following are seven of the more popular animal named islands located in Vietnam.

Rua (Turtle) Island

Turtle Island, also known as Hon Tre (Bamboo Island), can be found in the central commune of Kien Hai District in Kien Giang Province.  It is a small island shaped like a giant turtle.

It’s a haven for beautiful rocks that can be found everywhere, a fact most rock collectors find appealing.

Co (Stork) Island

Stork Island, comprised of two islets spanning 67 hectares, is located in the middle of An Duong Lake in the Chi Lang Nam Commune of the Thanh Mien District.

The island is nationally recognized as a stunningly beautiful nature preserve. Each year, thousands of storks, herons and other exotic birds flock to the island to raise their young. 

Ga Choi (Fighting Cock) Island

Ga Choi Island, also known as Trong Mai Islet (rock of 'the kissing cocks'), is actually a pair of limestone islets at Halong Bay.

The islets are about 10 metres above sea level. They have the shape of two roosters rising from the blue sea. According to legend dating back thousands of years, the two huge figures represent faithfulness and love.

Ca Voi (Whale) Island

Whale Island is situated at the Van Phong Bay in Khanh Hoa Province.

It is one of the unspoiled and wonderful tourist attractions in Nha Trang acclaimed for its white sand beaches and clear blue water.

Chim O (Buzzard) Island

About 80 km from Ho Chi Minh City, Buzzard Island is one of the most pristine islands in the nation, widely recognized for its peaceful atmosphere and fishing, canoeing, boating and camping.

Khi (Monkey) Island

Located 2.4km off the coast of Nha Trang, Monkey Island offers an extraordinary sea and island experience. It is home to over 1,200 monkeys.

The 35-ha island offers visitors the chance to kayak, ride an ostrich, attend dog races, go-carting and paintballing to name only a few of the varied activities available to choose from.

Yen (Salangane) Island

Positioned 17km from Nha Trang, ‪Salangane Island is home to thousands of swallows.

The Island has an array of fascinating attractions including Yen Cave, marvellous coral reefs and beautiful landscapes.

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