The three most romantic places for "dating" in Vietnam

Nga Do
Among many romantic destinations in Vietnam, Sapa, Da Lat and Ha Long are the top choices for couples.

In North Vietnam, Sapa is the most favored place for honeymoons. The year-round cool climate, the cold of the mountains and fog, and romantic landscapes of Sapa make people want to be close. With a thin coat, a warm hand, you and your partner can take a stroll along the streets, go shopping, enjoy yourself in the love market on Saturday, visit French villas and Love Waterfall, which is known as the most beautiful waterfall in North Vietnam, or the villages of ethnic minority groups to learn their unique culture.

The evening in Sapa is quite long. Many couples confided that, for them, the most interesting thing to do in Sapa in the evening is getting into a warm blanket. So without any official survey, Sapa is still called the tourist destination for love in Vietnam.

If Sapa is the Paradise for Love in the North, it is Da Lat in the South. The two locations have similarities in that they are located at high altitudes and have cool climate all year round.

Like a miniature Paris, Da Lat is famous for European architecture, the vast pine forest and flowers. What could be better than choosing this land as a romantic dating place. Destinations in Da Lat are also characterized by love. Da Lat night is busy with lots of activities around the market and cafés around Xuan Huong Lake. There are many romantic destinations for couples there.

Night in the Ha Long Bay is wonderful, especially on the day of the full moon. There are many cruises in the bay and they have special rooms for couples to enjoy their honeymoon.

You can sip a glass of wine and watch the sea from the room window, enjoy a special welcome cocktail party at sunset on the deck, or together on a deserted beach, prepare and have lunch with the famous seafood of Halong Bay. All will be unforgettable memories for you and your lover.

Vietnam is the ideal destination for couples dating, awarded sending love. Let Vietnam lit the fire in your love.

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