The rustic village of Sin Suoi Ho

Nga Do
Sin Suoi Ho is an ethnic Mong village, located on the mountain peak, alternately surrounded by fog and purifying highland sunlight all year round. The road to the village runs more than 30 kilometers from Lai Chau city along wavy roads, tottery slopes, and steep slants into the vast of fanciful clouds, promising an unspoiled, rustic destination, filled with excitement urging the travelers’ footsteps.

Located in Sin Suoi Ho commune, Phong Tho district, visitors can go to Sin Suoi Ho by three different routes: from Muong So through Nam Xe, through the primeval forests filled with experiences; or from Lai Chau city through Then Sin with the soft asphalt road which is adorned with terraced fields of rice; Sin Suoi Ho can also be reached through Sang Ma Sao, Bat Xat District. In the local language, “Sin Suoi Ho” means "Spring with gold", situated at an altitude of nearly 1500m, Sin Suoi Ho is in her pure natural beauty with fresh atmosphere and cool air annually. This place is famous for Cymbidium orchids, cardamom and Assam apple (Docynia Indica).

Spring is the season when the village becomes a favorite destination for those who love orchids. In the dense white mist, along the road to the village, tourists can enjoy the Cymbidium orchid pots around the garden, on two sides of the aisle or under the ancient trees with shaggy bark. Those Cymbidium orchid pots are large enough to require several people to move, each stem reaches strongly and blooms delicately. Almost every families in the village raise Orchids and Cymbidium orchids, you can feel like being lost in a world of fascinating flower forest.

During the sunny summer days, the kids run and play around like squirrels, climb up and down the swaying Assam apple trees. This plant looks slender but possesses a very strong vitality. It is harvested from immature to ripening fruit. Staying in Sin Suoi Ho, you surely have chances to enjoy this fruit wine (“Rượu Táo Mèo”), the specialty of this highland with delicious taste. You can also enjoy the taste of this sweet crunchy fruit directly, with a little bit of tart and sour flavor, essences from the forests.

Around the lunar September, Sin Suoi Ho comes alive with the special fragrance of cardamom, the seasonal fruit that fills the wind, grass, sky, clothes or scarves with its scent. Crowds of people with pack horses riding back and forth to harvest and bring cardamom back to home. This red fruit promises a bumper year. In Sin Suoi Ho, cardamom is the main crop that brings high, stable income for the local people.

Walking in the village road, daydreaming on the fragrance of dry cardamom remaining from last season and seeing the traditional clean house can make many visitors wish for a rustic and simple life like that. The Hmong people here is gentle and kind. Embellishing in the colorful nature is the flamboyant dresses of simple souls, charming personality and friendly gestures. Those mixed colors makes highland girls’ faces more brilliant. You will surely receive gentle smiles from the girls and strong supports from the young men in the villages.

In Sin Suoi Ho, every perspective can become a beautiful picture frame for you, be it a wooden house with Lua chair and furniture, or a small bridge crossing the stream, sometimes it is the porch decorated skillfully with cymbidium orchid pots or a few bunches of red cardamom sold by a little girl. Walking in the village in the sunset, we felt the cold even in summer. Smoke and fog covering the household’s roofs bring the flavor of cozy dinner. Thanks to the new experience, visitors will be more excited.

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